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Flowing tidal chain moving towards the Spanish springs

After years of work to find the right location, the owners of the Flowing Tide Pub are finally bringing their tavern concept to the fast-growing and underserved market of Spanish Springs.

The Flowing Tide announced in May that it had purchased the Lake Bar & Grill and Buckhorns in Spanish Springs from longtime owner Roger White. Jimmy Wadhams, owner/operator of the Flowing Tide Pub, told NNBW in an interview last week that The Tide will take possession of the building in July and begin a complete rebranding of the Lake space into a Flowing Tide Pub.

The 4,500-square-foot restaurant will have 15 gaming machines, but it will be family-oriented and include kid-friendly dining areas, Wadhams said.

“There will be no smoking, so bring your kids, friends and family – everyone is welcome,” he said.

Buckhorns has now been renamed the Flowing Tide Lounge. The 2,250 square meter space will be a smoking facility for 21 people and more with 15 slots. The kitchen will serve both concepts. The renovation plans won’t be as extensive at Buckhorns, Wadhams said, but the Lake side of the building will be completely gutted.

“We are very excited about the opportunity we are going to provide,” said Wadhams. “This allows us to combine both concepts in two different bars, but they are connected.

“I’ve been there to meet with customers, and Spanish Springs is a great market that we’re so excited to get into,” he added. “It’s a loyal market and we have to do our best to reach the customers who have been regulars (at the Lake and Buckhorns) for years. We are really focusing on putting together the best possible team and the best possible renovation of that location.”

Flowing Tide’s ownership group is still waiting to obtain additional regulatory approvals for construction, as well as gaming license approval, a process that began many months ago, Wadhams said.

“Each location has an individual license. Even though we have existing licenses, this project had to go through a completely new licensing process… that’s why this deal has been in the works for almost two years,” he said.

Jimmy Wadhams and his brother, Danny, joined Flowing Tide Pub’s original owners, Jason Tolotti and Justin Moscove, a few years ago and have been instrumental in expanding the brand, Tolotti told NNBW. Flowing Tide entered the highly competitive Southern Nevada tavern market in 2018 and the brand is expanding from three to five locations in the Las Vegas area. The Tide will have eight locations in Northern Nevada once the Spanish Springs pub and lounge opens this fall.

“Danny and Jimmy have been an incredibly welcome addition to our team,” said Tolotti. “They are currently the driving force behind the expansion. Las Vegas and Reno are still boomtowns and expanding with significant population growth, and we’re just taking advantage of the new opportunities that exist.

Tolotti said there is usually significant renovation work involved when gutting a 25-year-old space, but nothing should come up that hasn’t surfaced in the past, he added.

“We are certainly taking steps to improve the aging plumbing and electrical system by making repairs and upgrades as necessary so that it will last another 25 to 50 years,” Tolotti said. “We’ll definitely encounter little issues along the way, but it’s not like it’s a 100-year-old building like some of our locations.”

The ownership group had been looking for a location in the underserved Spanish Springs market for some time, Wadhams said.

“In Northern Nevada, the Flowing Tide brand is very well positioned,” he said. “Spanish Springs, however, is a place with potential for (an additional) Flowing Tide. We had trouble finding the right location. We looked at some development deals and some new construction projects, but nothing really felt right.”

Wadhams said he had a long-standing relationship with the former owner of Lake and Buckhorn since his days at slot route operator Golden Entertainment. White was ready to retire and free himself from the duties of running a small business, Wadhams said.

“We had a conversation and our philosophies really clicked,” Wadhams told NNBW. “He really liked our vision as a Flowing Tide and how we could continue what he has been working on for the past 25 years. The conversation really yielded a lot.

“This is a unique situation for the Flowing Tide,” he added. “We are taking over a successful operation. Usually these situations are different. We know there will be change for the regulars – we’re going to do a rebrand, and it will look and feel different. It’s important to us to make sure we talk to those regular customers, get them back in the door and treat them with the same great customer service to ensure they become regular Flowing Tide customers.”

One of the key interior design challenges, Wadhams noted, was maximizing the Flowing Tide Pub space between gaming, bar business and dining.

“We believe it will be a busy bar, and we want it to be comfortable and inviting,” Wadhams said. “We’re going to try to apply some magic to make the space perfect.

“(Roger) had many options when he was in his bidding process, and we were fortunate to be awarded this project,” Wadhams added. “We look forward to bringing a great brand to market and earning the respect of the community. We want to do our best to invite the community to become regulars at the Flowing Tide.”

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