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All referendum votes added up: more than half vote against green plans

59.1 percent of Amsterdam residents who have earned their vote on the municipality’s green plans have marked ‘against’. The city council will make a decision on the plans in just over two weeks.

Yesterday, the initiators of the referendum were enthusiastic about the provisional results, which also showed that 59.1 percent had voted against. Sonja Brilman actually couldn’t believe it. “I had a bit of a vague feeling that it could go either way.”

The fear among the initiators was that not enough Amsterdam residents would not understand the question, which was also difficult to formulate. Now that all votes have been added up, it appears that 59.1 percent of Amsterdam residents had a coded vote against the proposed decision in the Main Green Structure. 34.7 percent voted in favor and 6.2 percent were blank. A total of 37.5 percent of eligible Amsterdam residents cast a vote in the referendum, which is about ten percentage points less than the number of voters for the European Parliament.

Responsible councilor Van Dantzig, who was still confident about the results during election day, congratulated him the initiators already via Thursday night social media, and stated that it would continue to work ‘for a green city and sustainable homes’. He did not want to comment on camera about the referendum result.

What now?

But what will happen now that a large-scale vote has opposed the referendum? The ball is in the court of the municipal council, which must approve the plans and can take the referendum – which was not binding – into account in the decision. According to the initiators, the city council would ‘shoot itself in the foot’ if it published the results.

During the council meeting of June 26, the city council must decide whether the proposed decision on the green plans will be granted, or whether Van Dantzig will have to go back to the drawing board. AT5 met live before the meeting Mood at the Stopera to discuss the green plans with council members.

After 11 p.m. on Sunday evening, it was announced how Amsterdam modified for the European Parliament.

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