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Reid Detmer’s Triple-A start clearly didn’t go as planned

The Los Angeles Angels made a tough move last weekend when they decided to move their young left-handed starting pitcher, Reid Detmers, to Triple-A. After a month and a half of struggle, the Halos sent Detmers to the minors, and while it was quite a surprise, it seems like the right move so far.

Detmers had his first start in Triple-A Salt Lake City and it was not ideal. Orange County Register contributor Michael Huntley shared Detmer’s stats, but they weren’t pretty.

The 24-year-old has struggled on the mound, and that has trickled down to Triple-A. The hope was that Detmers would regain his self-confidence and find his feet; However, after one start it doesn’t look great.

Detmers started the season strong and recorded a 3-0 start in 17.1 innings and 26 strikeouts. It’s all been downhill since then, as he’s posted a 1-6 record with a 7.10 ERA, 51 strikeouts, and 41 earned runs.

The southpaw has struggled like no other, and at this point the chances of him finding his feet again seem slim. Stranger things have happened in baseball because we can’t count Detmers out yet.

Detmers is a former first-round pick for the Halos, 10th overall, in the 2020 MLB Draft.

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