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Three score OT Cuts at Bolles Sprint to Indy Meet

2024 BSS Final dash for Indy

  • June 7-8, 2023
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Uible Pool
  • LCM (50m)
  • Results
    • On Meet Mobile: “Tyr sprints to Indy”

“If at first you don’t succeed…”

I took that to heart, swimmer from Bolles School Sharks Landon Kyser tried and tried again. Kyser, who heads to Madison, Wisconsin this fall to represent the Badgers, will first make a pit stop in Indianapolis for the Olympic Trials, where he successfully timed his 100th of the race. Chasing an Olympic Trials entry time of 55.69, Kyser was 55.73 in the individual event on Friday and later a time trial, hitting the wall in 55.80. Kyser took the morning off and perhaps realized that the 100 was not the right choice and gave it a try on Saturday afternoon in the 200 back time trial.

Out in 26.72, the Wisconsin commit kept up the pace, coming home in 28.97 and reaching the 100 wall in 55.69, which tied the OT qualifying time. However, because it was a 200, Kyser still had to finish the race, and in perhaps one of the most joyful (and painful) back halves, he swam the last two 50s in 53.77 and 37.85, eventually finishing in 2: 27.31.

Kyser’s improvement curve in the 100 was very steep, and at the beginning of the season the trial period may have seemed too far. He finished 44th at the US Open in a time of 57.27. However, he took a huge chunk out of the Pro Swim Series – Knoxville meet, where he was 56.69 in the prelims and placed third in the B final in 56.06. He attended the meet in San Antonio and was again 56.6, but when he made the trip north to the Atlanta Classic he broke 56 for the first time, swimming 55.70 in the preliminaries and 55.80 in the final.

Kyser wasn’t the only swimmer to qualify for the Olympic Trials during the meet. Now Wave Swimming Club Enzo Solitario, a fellow Furutre Badger but in the class of 2029, managed to get under the 100 flight standard of 53.59 in Friday’s time trial. Before this season, Solitario had a PB of 55.27, but he blew that away at the Fort Lauderdale 18&Under Spring Cup, where he recorded 54.42 and finished in second place after only Kai Winkler.

Last weekend at the LA Tiger Aquatic Tristan Vessel Invitation, Solitario reached new heights, swimming a 53.71 to advance his chances at the Olympic Trials. Fast forward five days and Solitario continued his good form dropping even more time. He finished in 25.55 and finished in 27.82, exceeding the standard by more than two tenths and finishing in a new personal best of 53.37.

After experiencing all the joys of completing his Olympic Trials at the Ocala Sectionals meet last month, TJ Forest earned a second swim in Indy. After a time trial in the 400 IM (4:23.50) and dropping nearly 10 seconds from his pre-race personal best, Frost, who swims for Loggerheads Aquatics, set his sights on the 400 Free.

This weekend, Frost, a Best of the Rest swimmer in our newly reranked Class of 2024 and who will head to Miami, Ohio this fall, ran a personal best of 3:57.21 after his victory in Ocala, for which he had broken the mark of four minutes has never been broken. In Friday’s time trial session, Frost attacked the 400 free, taking out the first 100 in 55.11 (in Ocala he was 57.01) and kept up the pace, reaching the halfway point in 59.56. Although he was out of contention quickly, Frost also came home strong, splitting 1:00.12 and 1:00.16 to finish in 3:54.95, exceeding the Olympic Trials standard of 3:55.59.

New personal record Previous personal record
100 55.11 57.01
200 1:54.67 (59.56) 1:57.35 (1:00.34)
300 2:54.79 (1:00.12) 2:58.16 (1:00.81)
400 3:54.95 (1:00.16) 3:57.21 (59.05)

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