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Snowfall, expected to reach up to 10 cm, is causing damage on the highway

Jan. 4 – A snowstorm in the region on Thursday caused intermittent chaos and traffic delays on the highways around Santa Fe.

An accident on Interstate 25 near Cañoncito left a semi-trailer truck on its side blocking the roadway around noon. A New Mexico State Police spokesman said no injuries were reported.

Traffic was also backed up Thursday on US 84/285 near the Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder after a pickup truck and an SUV collided, both causing heavy front-end damage.

Reports of other weather-related issues were expected as a storm from the west continues to linger in the area.

The El Niño weather pattern that often sends wetter, whiter winters to much of New Mexico brought an inch of snow to Santa Fe Thursday morning and the region was expected to be covered in even more snow by the end of the day.

National Weather Service meteorologist Todd Shoemake said in a morning interview that the eastward-moving storm system, which originated in the Pacific Ocean, would slowly leave the region sometime late Thursday evening or early Friday morning.

The area could see another 2 to 3 inches of fall before the day is over, he said.

Thursday morning’s snowfall did not impact government operations around Santa Fe, with city and county offices remaining open and services continuing.

The snow also did not cause a delay or morning closure of Santa Fe Public Schools, spokesman Cody Dynarski said. The snow started falling around 7:30 a.m., when most students had already arrived at their schools, he said.

He said the district is unlikely to close campuses early unless conditions worsen.

“If we do an early release, we will let people know,” Dynarski said.

Shoemake said the Santa Fe area is in for another, milder storm on Saturday, which could bring light snow.

A third, colder storm front moving in from the Pacific Ocean could bring snowfalls of 3 to 6 inches Sunday night and Monday morning, he said.

This is a development story. Check back for more details.

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