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Burger King introduces Nutella Croissant Burgers & Pancakes; Test flame-grilled chicken

Burger King is launching new Nutella croissant burgers and pancakes for a limited time only! Meanwhile, Burger King is testing flame-grilled chicken for new sandwiches and wraps at select locations in Nebraska and Alabama, expanding its menu with innovative offerings.

Burger King unveils Nutella menu with croissant burgers and pancakes for a limited time

If you admire and enjoy the famous Nutella hazelnut spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll definitely want to visit your nearest Burger King to sample their new Nutella menu.

Burger King has introduced a new Nutella-focused series featuring their popular Croissan’wich and pancakes (via Shout), priced at $2.95 for a limited time. The new menu items include Nutella-filled croissant sandwiches/burgers and Nutella pancakes. The Croissan’wich with Nutella costs $2.95, while the Nutella pancakes cost $4.50.

Customers can order the Nutella menu for delivery/collection via the Burger King app or other delivery applications, and it is available all day at any Burger King branch in Singapore.

Burger King is testing grilled chicken sandwiches and wraps in Nebraska and Alabama

The quick-service chain, known for its flame-grilled burgers, is introducing a new protein in several flavors at select restaurants in Nebraska and Alabama.

For seventy years, Burger King has been synonymous with fire-grilled sandwiches. According to Restaurant Business Magazine, the Miami-based burger giant is currently implementing flame grilling in its chicken sandwich and wrap platforms. Several items are being tested in Omaha, Nebraska and Huntsville, Alabama.

On June 6, select BK restaurants at those locations will offer a selection of flame-grilled chicken sandwiches and wraps. Customers can substitute a flame-grilled boneless chicken breast in the Classic, Fiery and Bacon Swiss Royal Crispy chicken sandwiches. The chain’s Flame-Grilled Royal Crispy Wraps can be replaced with a half-heat grilled chicken breast. Several flavor profiles offer these wraps, including Classic, Fiery, Honey Mustard, Philly, Fiery Bacon and Bacon and Cheddar.

“Huntsville and Omaha are offering guests in those markets a unique opportunity to be the first to try the all-new Flame-Grilled Chicken Sandwiches and Wraps. As with all market tests, Burger King guests in the area will provide feedback that will help determine whether these products will go nationwide be launched,” said a BK spokesperson.

Burger King previously introduced a grilled chicken panini. The BK Broiler was introduced in 1990 to provide healthier fast food alternatives. For the first time, Burger King is using its reputation for grilling to differentiate its product, even as the chicken sandwich has undergone numerous changes since its inception.

The branding of the sandwiches as ‘flame grilled’ is in line with BK’s extensive campaign to ‘Reclaim the Flame’. The $400 million revitalization plan, implemented in September 2022, includes technology improvements, store renovations and marketing. Burger King introduced a new digitally focused prototype known as “The Sizzle” last year in Chapter 2 of the initiative. “Reclaim the Flame” generates robust results across franchise profitability and same-store sales.

Burger King improved its chicken sandwich in 2021, amid the “Chicken Sandwich Wars,” when dozens of chains introduced fried chicken sandwiches in response to the extraordinary success of the Popeyes version. At that time, BK switched to fresh chicken instead of frozen chicken and hand-breaded the boneless breasts in-house to develop the BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

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