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Concord is launching a new green brick/block factory to produce environmentally friendly building materials

As a pioneer in the construction industry, both nationally and internationally, Concord continues to make waves with its groundbreaking initiatives. In an effort to combat environmental degradation, Concord led the shift from terracotta bricks to Bangladesh as early as 1998, establishing Bangladesh’s premier eco-friendly brick, block and tile manufacturing plant.

Bangladesh is at the forefront of countries grappling with the harsh realities of climate change and facing unprecedented challenges exacerbated by global warming and natural phenomena. Terracotta bricks, long implicated in environmental and air pollution, have contributed to alarming levels of air pollution, earning Dhaka the dubious honor of being among the most polluted cities in the world, a press release said.

The harmful effects of coal use and deforestation for brick production have caused significant damage to the environment. In response to the urgent need to alleviate these problems, the government of Bangladesh has launched a groundbreaking initiative to move to 100 percent green bricks in government construction projects by 2025, a step that should substantially reduce environmental pollution. Recognizing the need for environmentally conscious practices, Concord began producing and using green bricks a quarter of a century ago, leading by example in environmental stewardship.

Under the visionary leadership of Concord Chairman SM Kamal Uddin, the establishment of Bangladesh’s first pollution-free satellite city, ‘Lake City Concord’, stands as a statement for Concord’s continued commitment to environmentally friendly construction practices. Notably, Concord projects have eschewed concrete blocks/green bricks for the past 25 years, underscoring the company’s commitment to sustainable development.

Two Spanish-made Poyatos P Seventy/Ninety machines were installed in Concord’s first and second factories, allowing each factory to produce a total of 119,040 building materials, at 59,520 per 8 hours. The third factory added a German-designed T-10 machine that could produce 26,080 building materials every 8 hours. The Besser, an American machine installed in Concord’s fourth factory, can produce 12,000 building materials every 8 hours.

The fifth factory Zenith ZN-900C, built in Germany, and another new addition this year, the sixth factory Zenith ZN-900CG, are capable of producing 74,000 pieces of building material in one 8-hour cycle. The addition of the sixth German-built factory increased Concord’s production capacity by another 30 to 40 percent. This ultra-modern and advanced factory will add a unique dimension to the construction sector and contribute to the environment.

However, the journey towards environmental sustainability requires collective efforts and government support. Concord urges policymakers to encourage environmentally friendly initiatives through tax exemptions and reduced import duties, thus creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurs to embrace green technologies. With favorable loan terms and low-interest financing, more entrepreneurs can be encouraged to join the environmental pioneers.

In recognition of its pioneering contributions to pollution control and conservation, the Government of Bangladesh has awarded Concord the prestigious ‘National Environment Medal 2020’, recognizing Concord’s critical role in shaping a greener, more sustainable future for Bangladesh and beyond is underlined.

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