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Do you want to buy an old bridge? Lewis County has some deals | Local history

LOWVILLE — For sale: used bridges. Buyer must remove.

If you’re looking for a unique item to add to your backyard, Lewis County has some deals for you. It is seeking buyers for bridges on Marshey Road over the West Branch of the Oswegatchie River in the town of Diana and the Wood Battle Road bridge in the town of Harrisburg that crosses Cobb Creek.

Both bridges are eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. Therefore, any deed of transfer will contain a conservation covenant requiring the new owner to maintain the bridge in accordance with the “Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings.”

It will also be a costly transaction. The county estimates the cost of removing the Wood Battle Road bridge at $200,000.

Don’t be upset, but the two bridge offers in Lewis County legal ads reflect a gap in reality. The ads are part of the process to replace them.

“It’s actually pretty routine,” Lewis County Highway Superintendent Timothy Hunt said. “I have two advertised for sale now.”

Both bridges are structurally defective.

“They’re on the state’s historic inventory and before you can declare the bridge surplus, you have to give someone the opportunity to protect it,” Hunt said. “It’s rare that anyone would want it because the cost of moving it would be enormous and the bridges would have to be replaced.”

Hunt made his comments by calling back and leaving a message. Follow-up calls and emails to him and Lewis County Manager Ryan Piche requesting information on bridge replacement timelines, costs and possible traffic diversions were not returned.

The county’s advertisements state that if anyone is interested in the bridges, they should contact Hunt at 315-378-5350 or at [email protected].

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