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Kaul is aiming for the outcome of the European Championship, comparable to the ‘goosebumps’ strike.

Athletics competition in Europe – Kaul wants to create goosebump success again during the European Championships.

The thrilling memories of the enchantingly magical European Championships in Munich linger on with decathlete Niklas Kaul as he prepares to defend his title. “When I reminisce about the European Championships in Munich I get goosebumps. That was the most amazing competition I have ever taken part in,” the 26-year-old told the German news agency.

“Oh, how fascinating it was!”

“Oh, how captivating it was,” sang 40,000 ecstatic track and field fans in August 2022 during Kaul’s impeccable javelin throw showcase. The Mainzer culminated with a dramatic victory in the 1500 meters and a huge lead to triumphantly win the gold medal.

“It was amazingly beautiful,” the student remembers. After the German decathlon record in the US, Kaul and his colleagues will be in the spotlight in Rome on Monday. And there he aims to win gold again.

“Niklas is certainly reliable in defending his title. The competition is tough and formidable, but if anyone can win championships, it is Niklas,” national coach Christopher Hallmann told the German news agency. “Buttermann, Eitel (Ulm), Nowak (Ulm) and Wolter (Graefelfing) are the other German contenders.”

Kaul eyes Olympic glory

While Eitel is trying to secure his Olympic ticket for Paris at the European Championships, Kaul has already qualified for the Summer Games. After the world title in 2019, when he became the youngest world decathlon champion of all time, and the gold medal in Munich, Kaul is longing for his Olympic happiness.

“I would of course love to win one of the three medals. But for that I have to show my best performance, otherwise I don’t stand a chance,” claimed Kaul, who knows how to captivate the appeal of his sporting discipline in his newly published book “The Magic of the Decathlon.”

A tragic departure in Tokyo 2021

A medal in Paris would be the ideal ending to Kaul’s awe-inspiring Olympic story. Heartbreaking were the images in which he had to withdraw from the competition in Tokyo due to an injury, with his hands covering his face and being taken away in a wheelchair.

“That wasn’t easy. That still haunts me. It took some time to process it,” Kaul said. Strangely enough, however, that match served as the basis for the phenomenal season in 2022, with the European Championship title in Munich as the highlight.

Healthy through the winter and free of obstacles at the start of the season

Kaul, who also had to end the World Cup in Budapest early last year, survived the winter in good health and started the season without setbacks. He wants to translate his impressive training performances and individual performances into a successful European Championship result on Monday and Tuesday at the Stadio Olimpico. “That is the original goal towards Paris,” exclaimed the veteran sports and science teacher.

If Kaul’s ambitions match reality, Paris will not be the end point of his Olympic journey. “I aim to be there in Los Angeles in 2028. Then I will be thirty years old, that fits.”

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