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07-25-25 Police Lieutenant Lewis graduates from the FBI National Academy

Hawaii Police Department
Chief’s Office
Chef Benjamin Moszkowicz
Phone: (808) 961-2244

Press release

The Hawai’i Police Department (HPD) is pleased to announce that Lieutenant Jeremy Scott Lewis graduated on March 15, 2024 as a member of the 289th session of the prestigious FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Lt. Lewis is one of 197 law enforcement attorneys from 47 states, the District of Columbia and 23 countries who graduated this year.

Internationally known for its academic excellence, the FBI National Academy is a ten-week program of professional study and physical training for U.S. and international law enforcement managers. Participants are nominated by their agency based on demonstrated leadership qualities. Nationally, less than one percent of officers have the opportunity to attend the program.

In addition to the professional training, FBI National Academy participants undergo fitness training and graduates undergo their final fitness challenge on the “Yellow Brick Road,” a grueling 6-mile run through a hilly, wooded trail built by U.S. Marines. Along the way, Academy visitors will have to climb walls, run through creeks, jump through simulated windows, climb rock walls with ropes, crawl under barbed wire in muddy water, maneuver over a cargo net and more.

On average, Academy participants have 21 years of law enforcement experience. Since 1947, HPD has nominated several officers to attend the Academy, with ten current graduates ranging in rank from lieutenant to police chief.

“Congratulations to Lieutenant Lewis for successfully completing the esteemed FBI National Academy. His hard work and dedication to excellence embody the high standards we strive for at the Hawaii Police Department,” said Chief Benjamin Moszkowicz. “Successfully completing the National Academy is a testament to Lieutenant Lewis’ exceptional skills and determination.” The chief also graduated from the FBI National Academy during his tenure with the Honolulu Police Department.

Lieutenant Lewis served in the Hawaii Police Department for over 23 years. He began his career as a patrol officer in both North Kohala and Kona. In 2005, he was assigned to the Vice Section Area II as a Police Officer III. In 2015, Lewis was promoted to sergeant/detective and assigned to the Area II Vice Section and then to Kona Patrol. In 2023, he was promoted to lieutenant at Kona Patrol, where he is currently assigned to the “B” watch. From 2011 to 2023 he was also attached to the Special Response Team (SRT).

“I feel deeply honored and privileged to have been selected to attend the prestigious FBI National Academy, where I have had the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the best law enforcement professionals in the world,” said Lt. Lewis .

“I am incredibly grateful to the University of Virginia and the National Academy for giving me the opportunity to pursue my master’s degree in public safety this coming year. This opportunity to further my education will undoubtedly enhance my ability to serve and protect my community.”

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