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North Providence police arrest a man in connection with stolen packages

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – North Providence police said a man named Nelson Ruiz admitted to stealing 20 packages from people’s homes in the city.

Police say they now have hundreds of items at the police station from the packages stolen Thursday afternoon.

“They are paying for this with their hard-earned money,” said resident Giavanna Delsanto. “People should not steal packages from others that they buy for themselves.”

North Providence residents said they were “outraged” after a “porch pirate” was caught red-handed.

Police said a witness saw a man get out of his car and steal a package from a home on Garfield Street on Thursday.

Shortly after the initial call, police found Ruiz with dozens of packages scattered across his car.

The department said he later admitted to stealing packages from Garfield Street and the surrounding area.

“Shouldn’t I order from Amazon?” said Delsanto. “If it happens to other people, at some point it will happen to me too. It makes me not want to buy anything at all.”

Police added that there has been an increase in this type of crime recently.

“We are seeing an increase where a victim comes in and reports the crime with the goal of getting credit again or having the item re-sent to him or her,” Chief Alfredo Ruggiero said.

The department encourages anyone who believes a package may have been stolen to contact their department, along with proof of purchase, a receipt, and a description of your stolen item.

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