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China warplanes circle over Dutch navy ship

Sr. Mrs Trump

NOS News

The naval ship Zr.Ms. Earlier today, Tromp was circled by two Chinese fighter planes in the East China Sea, the Ministry of Defense reported.

According to the ministry, the incident took place in international airspace. The two Chinese fighter jets circled the ship several times. Also, during a patrol, a Navy NH-90 attack helicopter was “approached by two Chinese fighter jets and a helicopter. This was devised for a potentially unsafe situation.”

Discontent in China

Last week, the navy ship sailed through the Taiwan Strait, much to the dismay of China. The Chinese Foreign Ministry told NIS it accepts international law but is “resolutely opposed to endangering Chinese sovereignty and security under the guise of free passage.” Navigating the Taiwan Strait is involved, because China claims that passage.

But under international law, China cannot claim it. American warships regularly cross the strait, to emphasize that these are international waters.

Zr.Ms. Tromp is on a six-month round-the-world trip and is now on his way to Japan and will then take part in a sustainable military exercise in Hawaii.

On X, defense shared photos of the Chinese helicopter and fighter planes:

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