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My Chemical Romance’s ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’ hits 20 – 105.7 The Point

M Mcr 060624

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It’s not a phase, Mom, and it hasn’t been for twenty years.

My chemical romance‘S Three cheers for sweet revenge was first released on June 8, 2004, twenty years ago Saturday. The album helped bring emo to the mainstream on its way to being certified triple platinum by the RIAA.

A burgeoning genre in the 90’s with bands like Sunny day real estate And The promise ringemo began to seep into the larger music consciousness in the early 2000s Jimmy Eats World, Dashboard confessional And Take back Sunday, among other things. Of Three cheers for sweet revengeMy Chem brought a more theatrical edge to the sound, which was immediately noticeable by the frontman Gerard Way‘s whispered intro to opening track ‘Helena’, leading into the anthemic chorus.

“Helena” and fellow single “I’m Not Oke (I Promise)” became the album’s biggest hits and were accompanied by equally striking videos — “Helena” featured the gothic wedding of Tim Burton‘s dreams, while “I’m Not Okay” spoke directly to youth outcasts with its parody of a high school movie trailer.

The visual aspect of MCR was enormous, and the word ’emo’ was quickly defined by the striking hairstyles and clothing found at Hot Topic. That image was further reinforced by bands like Falling out boy And Panic! at the disco.

Emo traditionalists weren’t super excited about the genre’s changing definition — “Unlike high school, emo has a history of more than four years,” snarks the website — and MCR even rejected the distinction itself. Still, the label persisted, and now you’ll probably find it Three cheers on every list of the best emo albums.

My Chem followed Three cheerswith their 2006 opus, The Black Paradeand 2010 Danger Days: the true lives of the fantastic killjoysbefore splitting in 2013. They reunited in 2019.

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