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Columbia restaurants are taking action and correcting critical inspection violations

Two Jimmy John's locations in Columbia were among three restaurants with no violations found during an inspection last week.

Two Jimmy John’s locations in Columbia were among three restaurants with no violations found during an inspection last week.

Restaurants in Columbia performed better overall during inspections last week, with some finding no violations and correcting other critical violations.

Routine inspections occur two to three times a year based on priority and location, Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services has previously said. If a critical violation is found, follow-up inspections will take place. Restaurants can usually correct non-critical violations at the next routine inspection. Inspection reports date from May 28 to June 3.

Restaurants without violations were Gumby’s Pizza, 1201 E. Broadway, on May 30; Jimmy John’s, 912-A Rain Forest Parkway, on Monday; and Jimmy John’s, 212 Corporate Lake Drive, on Monday. However, an inspector did have a conversation with Rain Forest Parkway Jimmy John management about whether all light fixtures were in place.

The Syrian Kitchen had corrected all previous critical violations on Monday, except for a contaminated soft drink machine. That machine was cleaned during the reinspection, so there is no follow-up action until the restaurant’s next routine inspection.

After two reinspections from May 23 and Monday, including the issuance of a $110 fee, the food in the walk-in cooler at the 10 Southampton Drive location in Las Margaritas finally has a date label. The lack of labeling was first discovered on May 15.

Jose Jalepenos Authentic Mexican Restaurant, 4103 W. Vawter School Road, during reinspections May 28 and 31, previous critical violations were corrected. This included cleaning the deposits in a chip heater and tackling a dirty ice machine. Inspectors checked that sanitiser concentration test strips were available on site and that 11 staff had food handling cards. Boards on a clean dish rack that have peeling paint and are showing rust should be removed, repainted or replaced by the restaurant’s next routine inspection in September.

All critical violations found May 30 at G&D Pizza and Steak, 2101 W. Broadway, were corrected by Monday’s reinspection. This included the storage of raw meat over cooked meat, a contaminated ice machine, a lack of disinfectant concentration test strips and a reach cooler that did not have the capacity to keep food at 41 degrees. There were also several non-critical violations on May 30 that could be corrected by the October routine inspection. This included a lack of food handler cards by staff; accumulation in the bottom of a freezer with beer steins; dust buildup in the walk-in cooler on the ceiling and walls, and on and around the fan; excessively rusted walk-in cooling racks need to be replaced; a disinfectant dispenser that is in disrepair; racks of rust in a freezer with beer mugs and no lid on a bin in the unisex staff toilet. The inspectors also had a discussion with management about repairing floors in the kitchen, food preparation and dishwashing areas

There was only one critical violation at The Deuce Pub and Pit, 3700 Monterey Drive, during the routine inspection on May 28. The concentration of chlorine in spray bottles and buckets of disinfectant was too high. This was corrected during the inspection. One non-critical violation that could be addressed by September is ice machine repair. Discussions were held with management about replacing cutting boards when they can no longer be easily cleaned or reapplied, and it was suggested that a secondary dishwasher thermometer be purchased to ensure that the water on dishes is at a temperature of 160 degrees is reached. This can be digital or a test strip and/or sticker, the report said.

Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream, 21 S. Ninth St., had to return several badly dented cans or throw them in dry storage during its routine inspection on May 29. The inspector again discovered dust buildup on the ceiling vents and on the floor in the dry storage area and behind the ice cream counter, which should be addressed by a June 12 re-inspection. Other non-critical violations that can be corrected by the December routine inspection include cleaning the deposits on the bottom of freezers and finding another place to store employee food so that it does not above the food served by the establishment in a freezer. .

Other restaurants with violations:

  • Thai Express, 308 S. Ninth St., found ice buildup during routine inspection May 29 in three freezers. Freezers must be defrosted before routine inspection in September.

  • Sake Japanese Bistro, 16 S. 10th St., had dirty soda nozzles and a dirty ice machine on May 29. A reinspection report from Monday was not yet available. There was also ice build-up in a freezer that needs to be defrosted before the routine inspection in September.

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This article originally appeared on Columbia Daily Tribune: Columbia restaurants perform better during last week’s inspections

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