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The absence of Coello, Tapia, Chingotto, Galan and other elite teams and players will be felt during the Bordeaux P2 pade tournament – Tennis Tonic

The restructuring of the Premier calendar has resulted in several absences of top pairs in the Bordeaux P2, with the top four seeds not competing. The tournament offers opportunities for players lower in the rankings as players prioritize points and travel.

This year there are many P2 tournaments scheduled, and many players are starting to give points and travel priority. Due to the reorganization of the Premier calendar in the latter part of the year, many elite couples will not take part in the competition. Bordeaux P2.

Many of the circuit’s top couples have decided to take a break and prepare for the Italy Major, the next major event on the schedule, as a result of the South American tour’s three weeks of non-stop competition.

Even though Bela and Tello are currently in fifth place, they will start as the top seeds. As a result, the top four seeds will not visit France as they are not included in the Bordeaux P2 entry.

There will be no competition in the Bordeaux P2 for Coello – Tapia, Chingotto – Galán, Paquito – Lebron or Stupa – Di Nenno. Mike Yanguas and Javi Garrido, who started the year in tenth place and are currently in sixth place, will therefore be the second seeds. The third couple, Momo and Álex Ruiz, follow, while Maxi and Sanyo complete the top 4.

Bordeaux will be a different kind of event, where players who are lower in the rankings but have worked extremely hard to catch up will be given more opportunities.

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