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Helena Christensen about ‘the most moving beauty moment’ of her career

A bona fide part of supermodel history, Helena Christensen is synonymous with the legendary ’90s modeling world, and her image has remained indelible in fashion and beauty culture ever since. With her chameleonic abilities, she is as versatile as her fellow iconic models, also known by their first names – from Linda to Naomi. But the Dutch native has always had a naturalness that was and still is her aesthetic signature.

Helena Christensen walks the Chanel catwalk during Paris Fashion Week in 1992Helena Christensen walks the Chanel catwalk during Paris Fashion Week in 1992

Helena Christensen walks the catwalk for Chanel during Paris Fashion Week in 1992Victor Virgile – Getty Images

“I was always interested in natural beauty and feeling healthy and good from the inside out,” says Christensen. “This has always been my fundamental approach to beauty – it’s about more than just the outside.” Her look – consisting of piercing eyes that read blue and green at the same time, perfectly imperfect, rich dark brown hair and a remarkable physicality with pin-up proportions – was what took Christensen from Miss Universe competitions to catwalks and front covers as a teenager, of course. But having a career in an industry that is so much about appearance has led the 55-year-old to “appreciate beauty in all its many shapes and forms”. Instead of encouraging a fixation on perfection, the fashion world has broadened its horizons – especially since stepping behind the lens itself. “Being a photographer in addition to modeling has also given me a different perspective in the sense that I can see beauty from all angles,” she says. “By constantly being surrounded by different definitions and expressions of beauty, I have developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for its diversity. This exposure has allowed me to see beauty beyond conventional norms and appreciate its many forms.”

Helena ChristensenHelena Christensen


Whether she’s working or not, spending time in nature is her passion, which she says is “beneficial on so many levels, both physically and mentally.” “This has influenced my approach to beauty and encouraged me to embrace simplicity and authenticity,” she says. “I believe the natural world offers so many benefits for both body and mind, which in turn reflect in our appearance.”

Christensen takes me back to a pivotal point for her when this first became clear. “I think the ‘Wicked Game’ video is the most poignant beauty moment for me in my career; a very special memory in which visual aesthetics and beauty were merged in a natural form,” she explains, referring to her role in Chris Isaak’s 1990 hit single music video. The seductive visual performance, labeled by MTV as ‘sexiest video of all time ‘, shows a topless Christensen on a black sand beach, with salty, wet hair and worn-out eye make-up. “The video, shot in black and white, captured a sense of natural, effortless beauty that resonated with many people. The simplicity and rawness of that moment have always stayed with me.”

Undeniably, her career working with renowned makeup artists and photographers has given her other “invaluable beauty insights,” she reveals, “like the importance of a good skincare routine and the magic of a bold red lip to elevate any look ” .

She forgoes a lip every day, but definitely prefers skin care products. “I learned the importance of sun protection and the long-term benefits of taking good care of my skin,” she notes. “I love serums, oils, tonics and mists and try to apply them throughout the day,” she says, citing Penny Frances Apothecary products as her favorites. “These all help maintain my skin’s moisture and elasticity, which is crucial for a healthy glow.” This is something she is determined not to completely hide with cosmetics on top. “I learned to use your fingertips when applying makeup and to use creamy shapes instead of powder shapes. This method provides a more natural, dewy finish that allows the skin to breathe, reveals freckles and brightens the skin.” Embracing your skin’s natural texture and tone can improve your overall look, she finds. “These simple yet effective techniques have revolutionized the way I approach makeup and skin care, emphasizing the importance of enhancing rather than masking.”

helena baptized for hårklinikkenhelena baptized for hårklinikken


She approaches her hair care (hair is “such an important part of who you are”) with the same mentality. “When you take good care of your skin’s health, clarity and strength radiate from within – and that includes the health of your hair and scalp.” Since testing Scandi brand Hårklinikken for years before working with them, Christensen uses their Hair Gain Extract, Stabilizing Scalp Shampoo and Daily Conditioner religiously. She explains, “It feels good to work with ethical companies that promote products that really make a difference,” allowing her to endorse something she truly believes in. “When your hair is strong, hydrated and really healthy, you feel better and healthier. confident.”

Whether she thinks internally or externally, being healthy is essentially her beauty priority. “Health is everything and ultimately it is true beauty.” In addition to spending time in nature, she cites regular professional checkups and “year-round” cold dips as ways she stays on top of this. And her low-maintenance philosophy is actually a pillar of her self-care as well.

“Really, I’m very calm when it comes to products and routines; some times I’m more disciplined and other times I don’t think about it so much. Balance is everything when it comes to one’s life. Not being too stressed or strict is a health benefit in itself.”

Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen at the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week 2017Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen at the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week 2017

Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen at the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week in 2017Daniele Venturelli – Getty Images

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