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‘We can’t stop cars everywhere’

“I don’t hate you. I offer you forgiveness. I challenge you to take responsibility and take charge of your life.”

— McLean County Deputy Raymond Copeland, during the sentencing of Colton Lauer, who is about to serve 10 years in prison for an April chase that ended with Copeland injured in a crash.

“How can Summit selectively decide who in the public, which private citizen gets to see the plume model and who doesn’t? They are the ones who made the positive choice – Summit – to show this to select private citizens, and you can’t have it both ways.”

— Burleigh County attorney Randy Bakke questions why Summit Carbon Solutions showed a prominent Bismarck-area developer and the head of an oil industry trade group a distribution model for its planned carbon dioxide pipeline that it would otherwise have rejected to be released to the public.

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“The trips would have continued and the (association) would not have returned the money and this attention would not have happened if Ray Holmberg had not done what he would have done in Prague.”

— Jon Martinson, director of the Global Bridges teacher exchange program, after the North Dakota School Boards Association ended its role with the program linked to former Republican Sen. Ray Holmberg, who is accused of traveling to Prague with the intent to paying for sex with a minor.

“We can’t have cars sitting all over our state.”

— Charlie Gorecki, CEO of the Energy and Environmental Resource Center in Grand Forks, which is getting state money for a program to study electric vehicle infrastructure, including what’s needed in North Dakota’s harsh winter climate.

“I think it’s a concern for a lot of people: this is not the world they grew up in, this is not what they were promised.”

— Retired University of North Dakota history professor Kimberly Porter, on the fear some people have that Christian ideals are eroding nationally and ultimately reflected in local political action.

“There is no doubt that the horses are in a much better position than they were before the trial began.”

— U.S. Senator John Hoeven, R-N.D., expresses hope that National Park Service officials will work in good faith with state leaders and horse advocates to manage wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park as federal officials take their abandoning plans could have resulted in the removal of the popular horses.

“Let me start by saying we are in uncharted territory. In my 34 years with the sheriff’s department, I am not aware of a time when the sheriff has gone before the commission to recommend not renewing a liquor license.”

— Burleigh County Sheriff Kelly Leben recommending that the County Commission deny renewal of a liquor license for Crossroads Tavern on the north edge of Bismarck after several problems with the bar. The commissioners sided with Leben.

“It’s 50 years old, but if we work on it a little bit, it will extend its lifespan by 20 to 30 years.”

— Burleigh County Commissioner Jerry Woodcox, after the commission decided to move forward with renovations to the Sheriff’s Department’s main patrol building in east Bismarck.

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