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Why does June feel cold so far and will this change?

Scattered showers and periods of sunshine will continue to occur in the coming days. The showers sometimes turn into longer periods of heavy rain. Why does June feel so cold?

Helena Mottram

Helena Mottram 4 minutes

Why does June start off cold?

High pressure centered in the west of the United Kingdom, in the Atlantic Ocean and low pressure north of Scotland has one northwesterly airflow throughout Great Britain. This has dragged on cold arctic air throughout the country that has brought widespread below-average temperatures and a chilly feel for June.

Clear on Thursday with sunny periods and showers. The showers will be most frequent in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England, where some may also occur heavy and thunderousry. Airy and stormy also in the north with strong westerly and northwesterly winds that can be locally strong in the extreme northwest.

The showers will decrease in the second half of the afternoon, leaving most places dry late sunny periods Some showers will linger in the north and west of Scotland during the evening. Weaker winds in the south could make some places feel a little warmer in the sun, with daytime highs reaching 17°C for London, 16°C for Birmingham and 14°C for Glasgow.

Dry and clear on Thursday evening for most areas, where temperatures will dip quite well into the single digits. A closed front Cloud and rain will move to western Scotland and Northern Ireland by sunrise quite heavy in the early hours.

Temperatures will remain below average in many areas on Friday, bringing a chilly day in June.
Temperatures will remain below average in many areas on Friday, bringing a chilly day in June.

On Friday, this closed front will continue to follow its tracks in a southeasterly direction outbreaks of heavy rain through Scotland and Northern Ireland before turning increasingly irregular and rainy as it sinks southwards into northern England.

Further south, across much of central and southern England, it will be fair cloudy with periods of rain although there will also be some periods of sunshine.

Further north it brightens, once the early rain clears, to reveal ssunshine and scattered showers which change into longer periods of rain in the northwest. It will feel slightly warmer with highs reaching 17°C for Norwich and Cardiff and 14°C for Aberdeen.

A sunny Saturday afternoon for some

Early showery rain associated with Friday’s occlusion front will move from southern and central England on Saturday morning. It will become brighter for much of England and Wales on Saturday afternoon long periods of sunshine.

A mix of sunny spells and scattered showers through Scotland and Northern Ireland, which will be largely confined to northern Scotland by the afternoon, although some of these could be on the border heavy side. Top temperatures will reach 14°C for Edinburgh, 15°C for Belfast and 19°C for London.

The mixed weather will bring sunny spells and showers...will we see rainbows?
The mixed weather will bring sunny spells and showers…will we see rainbows?

Low pressure will stay close as we move on Sunday and spend another day showers that turn into longer periods of rain across Scotland and can be heavy and stormy. Showers will be most frequent in Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England, but there will be more cloud further south.

Our weather remains fairly changeable and repeats itself as we look ahead to the new working week as Monday and Tuesday bring more sunny periods and showers.

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