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Jay Cutler reveals his go-to supplement choice for a revamped physique

The supplement industry has continued to expand in the bodybuilding field because athletes need more than just an exercise and diet plan for the best results. As several brands have followed the trend, bodybuilders have numerous choices in terms of both the brand and type of supplement. Former Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler tried to make things easy in this situation by recommending his favorite.

Jay Cutler toppled reigning champion Ronnie Coleman to win the Mr. Olympia title. Since then, he has not strayed from the fitness path and has managed to keep himself fit at the age of 50.

He owns several companies, including a nutrition brand that gives fitness enthusiasts an extra helping hand. That’s why he didn’t hesitate to highlight his favorite supplement from his collection.

Creatine seemed to be Cutler’s go-to supplement for better muscle growth and overall performance. It is widely available, has different variants to suit the needs and tastes, and provides the necessary impetus for fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals.

“This is… the longest researched, most effective product, whether male or female, this product is amazing.”

Creatine brings with it concerns from gym goers such as water retention, dehydration, stomach upset, etc. However, Cutler guaranteed that its benefits outweighed the side effects it brought with it.

“Listen, you have to stay active with drinking no matter what… with creatine, as long as your diet is under control… it will give you more muscle swelling, it will give you more strength and recovery…”

Choosing the right supplement is an integral part of one’s fitness journey as it improves performance in the gym and helps achieve hypertrophy. Cutler often has strong opinions on consumables, having witnessed several examples of what worked and what didn’t during his prime.

Jay Cutler once warned people against nighttime cravings

Fitness enthusiasts often go too far by counting calories and compensating for them throughout the day. This includes satisfying their nighttime cravings under the pretext of controlling their calorie counts. But Cutler disapproved of this technique and once explained why it was essential to avoid this practice.

Under most circumstances, a nighttime binge can cause excessive protein synthesis in the muscles. It also disrupts the sleep cycle, which is crucial for the body’s recovery and maintaining healthy digestion. Therefore, to avoid hiccups during your fitness journey, it is best not to indulge in nighttime binges.

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