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Party People, Zines, Sharks and more events for the week ahead: don’t wait until the weekend! – Art

Courtesy of Kerbey Lane

Children eat free

Monday – Friday all month, Kerbey Lane

The children already received a present when school let out for the summer. Now Austin’s favorite cafe Kerbey Lane says it’s parents’ turn for a prezzie. All month long, from Monday to Friday, children eat free after 4:00 PM with the purchase of one adult meal. Pancakes, grilled cheese, crispy chicken tenders, all for the glorious cost of zero extra dollars. With that savings you can buy a bowl of Kerbey queso and go home a hero. – Kimberley Jones

24 hour party people

Monday 10, Hotel Vegas

Forget New York, Los Angeles, London or even Liverpool – 24 hour party people celebrates Manchester, where all your other favorite bands were born. Directed by Michael Winterbottom and based on Frank Cottrell-Boyce’s near-true script, the film tells the story of the groundbreaking label Factory Records – which launched the careers of Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays – through the company of founder Tony Wilson. (played here by Steve Coogan) wall-breaking story. From the post-punk 1970s to the Madchester 1980s and 1990s, the film has a great soundtrack and shakes up the conventions of filmmaking in the same way its subjects ignored the rules of music. –Carys Anderson

Photo by Gareth Hubbard via Unsplash

Cooking club: school lunches and meal preparation

Tuesday 11, Central Library

For you, is a school lunch more of a hastily put together grab bag that, if you’re lucky, includes additional components? Does meal prep involve scouring take-out menus more than you’d like? APL’s Cooking Club is here to help. Beginners to experts aged 18 and over are welcome to meet and learn new skills, exchange advice and support each other in cooking adventures. If you’re the type who creates enjoyable and inspiring prep videos, bring along your top tips! – Kat McNevins

Fleeting dreams

Tuesday 11, AFS Cinema

Join writer/director Jason Neulander for a special screening and Q&A about his festival-favorite feature debut. Based onfugitive piecesCaridad Svich’s play, which Neulander originally staged in Austin in 2002, is a fantastic journey along the rusty rails of a magical and sad American heartland: Dorothy’s rainbow reflected in old puddles.– Richard Whittaker

Terror Tuesday: Freddy’s Dead: The Last Nightmare

Tuesday 11, Alamo South Lamar

Demons! Pipe bombs! Iggy Pop! Unexpected 3D sequences! When the producers ofA nightmare on Elm Street hired franchise veteran Rachel Talalay to direct the sixth film, they got a filmmaker who gave them the strangest film in the series – no surprise, considering she was also working with John Waters at the time. View a rare original 35mm display.– Richard Whittaker

Weird Wednesday: Mute witness

Wednesday 12, Alamo South Lamar

The 1980s were the era of the great panic over snuff flicks, and Marina Zudina embodied all those fears in this terrifying thriller about an American make-up artist hunted by a Russian murder gang led by a sinister but unnervingly cool Alec Guinness. Freshly restored by the American Genre Film Archive, the nonprofit film preservation organization founded by the Alamo Drafthouse, it is a cold and terrifying journey into post-Glasnost Russia, and the first-ever international co-production filmed in Moscow.– Richard Whittaker

Thanks to AFS Cinema

Everything about my mother

Wednesday 12, AFS Cinema

Revisiting the daring delirium that defined his early work, Pedro Almodóvar set a personal best in 1999 with this beautiful film about unplanned mothers (including Penélope Cruz, in a breakthrough role, playing a pregnant nun), absent fathers, and the wrecking and scraping it takes to get closer to your authentic self. The film won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and, less celebrated, the award for a shot transition from a train tunnel to a flight over Barcelona that makes me cry every time I see it. Austin Film Society is showing the film on 35mm as part of its World Cinema Classics program.– Kimberley Jones

Thanks to BookPeople

Emily Habeck: Shark heart

Wednesday 12, BookPeople

Many have said that love is a transformative experience, but author Emily Habeck takes it one step further. In her new paperback novel, newlyweds Wren and Lewis face a strange debacle: Lewis slowly becomes a great white shark. While his mind and intellect remain tragically human, his impulses take over those of the water beast, and Wren has as much difficulty adjusting to her husband’s fate as the man himself. As Goodreads user Jay puts it, “The author looked at ‘would you still love me if I were a worm’ and said ‘what if instead of being a stupid question, this was actually a sad question.'” Vang Habeck in person and maybe get your copy signed at BookPeople – quickly, before you too turn into a cartilage-covered creature.–James Scott

DAC Nights: Behind the Zines

Wednesday 12, Dougherty Arts Center

DAC is joining the Pride festivities with an evening dedicated to the humble zine, which they say is an art form rooted in queer history and self-expression. They have supplies available for making your own crafts, but you can also bring your own materials. Sherwood Forest Zine Library will be bringing a number of LGBTQ+ zines to provide some inspiration, and teaching artists will be available to help craft the perfect project to share with other makers.– Kat McNevins

Movies in the park: Jaws

Thursday 13, Deep Eddy Pool

Maybe you’ve been to a screening ofJaws on the lake, where divers swim underwater, ready to give floaters a “bite”? This display from the Austin Parks Foundation and Museum of Ice Cream will no doubt be just as cool, but a little less scary, and will be held in Austin’s oldest public pool instead of a murky lake. Cornucopia brings 100 bags of free popcorn and the movie starts at dusk.– Kat McNevins

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