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Does the father of Ryan (18) from Joure confess to killing his daughter? ‘I’m the one who killed her and no one helped me’

Does the father of the slain Ryan (18) from Joure admit to killing her? Emails from an email address of his courier company seem too difficult. “I’m the one who killed her.”

The body of Ryan Al Najjar, also known as Rayan, was found last week in the water at the Knardijk in Lelystad. The police arrested two men aged 22 and 24 for involvement in her death. According to an acquaintance, it concerns her brothers. The father of them and the victim has left for Turkey.

Then The Telegraph After receiving confessional emails from an address belonging to a courier company owned by the man who came from Syria, he also responded to the Leeuwarder Courant . “I am the one who killed her and no one helped me,” he writes in Arabic.

It cannot be said with certainty that the man is sending the messages. They are a response to questions posed by this newspaper and The Telegraph sent to an email address listed in the Chamber of Commerce for a courier company owned by the man. The messages are signed with his initials.

‘No other choice’

When asked why he would have killed his daughter, he writes: ‘I will save this clarification until I appear before a court in the Netherlands.’ And: ‘I hope you stay away from all family members, because they are innocent.’

The man says in a later email that he had “no choice but to kill her.” He says he was fed up with her behavior “which is not in line with my customs, traditions and religion.” Moreover, he claims to take full responsibility before the judge ‘when I return from Istanbul’. ‘I hope that the Dutch courts will be fair to me and take my traditions into account.’

‘Terrible situation’

According to the man, he is currently in ‘a terrible condition’. ‘I ask you to respect my situation, my psychological state and the stress I am under.’

It is unclear whether the police also see the man as a suspect. The police do not want to say much about the case.

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