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Teen is reported missing from The Quarry in Grant Park

This weekend they searched everywhere in the area for 19-year-old Kaedian Allen. Officers say this all started when they tried to pull over a car he was a passenger in.

Captain Knight of the Winston-Salem Police Department says Allen is not wanted; they just want to know he’s okay. They say he was a passenger in a car driven by his friend Tyrone Eldridge Junior. Police tried to stop the man, but the car took off. Officers eventually found Eldridge and his car in Quarry Park, but Allen was nowhere to be found.

“This gentleman happened to be a passenger in that vehicle. He is not being investigated for any crimes. The missing persons happened to start in Quarry Park. It has nothing to do with the actual traffic stop itself,” Knight said.

Officers say they have been in search mode for several days, searching the entire park. First responders from across the city arrived.

“We had a boat at the quarry, we had a rescue team, a dive team, and we used other technologies to help us locate him in that particular area,” Winston-Salem Police Lt. Charles said.

Investigators have even contacted Allen’s family. They say they haven’t seen him.

“Officers still go there every day to check the area,” Olivo said.

Anyone with information on Allen’s whereabouts should contact Winston-Salem police.

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