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When Calls the Heart season 11 episode 10 video: An almost kiss?

When Calls the Heart season 11
Photo: Hallmark Channel

In the opening minutes of When the heart is summoned season 11 episode 10 on Hallmark Channel this weekend you could see the calm before the storm.

After all, at the beginning of this episode, neither Elizabeth nor Nathan seem to be aware of the problems that might be bubbling beneath the surface. Allie may now be running away to ensure she can find out the truth about her father Dylan Parks, who is currently in prison. Kevin McGarry’s character thinks he did the right thing by telling her the truth… but there are still consequences for the act.

If you go to the link here you can see a preview of this upcoming episode, one that focuses on Elizabeth and Nathan in the schoolhouse. He wonders what he did and if he did the right thing by forbidding Allie from talking to her father. Unfortunately, he underestimates what life is like in her position here. It would be easy to dismiss Allie as a rebellious teen, but Nathan has still kept a few things from her about what happened the last time Dylan was around. Moreover, she is naturally curious.

How we currently see this particular episode is quite simple: a lot of people try to act with their hearts, and sometimes difficult things can happen as a result.

Will Elizabeth and Nathan kiss?

By the end of the sneak peek, it looks like they’re on the verge… but it doesn’t feel like the perfect time for it either. The most likely scenario in our minds is that this is something that could unfold at the end of the season, then paving the way for more transition into season 12 (which has already been renewed).

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Where would you most like to move to? When the heart is summoned season 11 episode 10?

Do you think Elizabeth and Nathan will kiss? Be sure to let us know in the comments and come back for some additional updates as well.

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