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Tennis professional Danielle Collins’ boyfriend didn’t know she was famous when they met

So far, 2024 has been the best year of Danielle Collins’ career. She won both the Miami Open and the Charleston Open and is ranked number 10 in the world.

Despite her success, she will retire from tennis at the end of the year. The tennis star has been transparent about her retirement plans, as well as her endometriosis diagnosis and desire to start a family when she’s done with the game.

On Tuesday, Danielle posted a festive photo from the French Open on Instagram. In her caption, she expressed how excited she was to “finally” get a break to relax after competing in tournaments for the past six months.

β€œAt the beginning of the season it was a goal of mine to qualify for the Olympic Games πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽΎ It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to achieve that. I am very proud of my success over the past six months ,” she wrote.

Danielle explained that while she has had a fantastic year on the job, she has admitted to “going to work with anxiety and crying every day,” due to conversations with the media about her health journey. “It’s really exhausting that I’m asked over and over again to justify my success, and that I’m constantly questioned about my retirement and desire to start a family,” she continued.

The tennis pro wrote that with her hectic schedule and matches ending late in the evening, she hasn’t had time to do activities she enjoys away from the tennis court. However, she is grateful for the support she has received from her close friends, fans and her “incredible boyfriend,” Bryan.

So, who is the man dating one of the best tennis players in the world? Ahead, everything you need to know about Danielle’s boyfriend, Bryan Kipp.

Bryan is a former college athlete.

Bryan is a former football player at Columbia University in New York. He played in eight games as a defensive lineman and graduated with an industrial engineering degree, according to the Columbia Lions website.

He is a vice president at a biotech company.

Currently, Bryan is a vice president at a biotech company Revvity, a company that provides β€œhealth science solutions, technologies, expertise and services that deliver complete workflows from discovery to development, and from diagnosis to cure,” according to his Linkedin profile.

They met in a London coffee shop.

After a Wimbledon loss, Bryan and Danielle met at a coffee shop in London, per Emphatic. The two talked about their backgrounds, with the tennis star discovering that he was a former athlete himself.

“I didn’t think I’d meet someone in a coffee shop. Who would have thought? Right after the tournament, Wimbledon,” she told the pub.

Before Danielle, β€œhe didn’t know anything about tennis.”

When they first met, Danielle discovered that Bryan “didn’t know anything about tennis.”

“He didn’t know I was a tennis player, which was really nice. He was actually a bigger fan of golf and so he said, ‘Well, I really like golf. I don’t really know much about tennis.’ And I said, ‘Yes! That’s so exciting,'” she shared Emphatic.

The tennis star added: “Because it’s fun to be around someone who has interests in other things and who isn’t very familiar with the sport, because you learn with him and you grow with him and you help him.” She was eager to teach Bryan how to play tennis and also saw their connection as an opportunity to improve her golf game.

Since he wasn’t very knowledgeable about tennis, “I explained to him that this is a big problem in the tennis world, so hopefully that doesn’t drive us apart,” Danielle told the pub. “He got me on the golf course, and I’m so competitive. I hate losing to this guy. I love him to death, but I hate losing to him. He’s very competitive.”

He is a member of her ‘special team’.

After beating competitors at the Charleston Open, Danielle shared how grateful she was for Bryan’s support during her speech at the trophy presentation and thanked him for putting “a big smile” on her face.

“Thank you to my special team there. Bryan, you’ve had a crazy week at work, and you got here just in time, and have been here the last few days supporting me, and always helping and putting such a big smile on my face,” she said in her speech.

wta 500 credit one Charelston last day 2024 openwta 500 credit one Charelston last day 2024 open

Elsa – Getty Images

After the speech, Bryan and Danielle’s dog Quincy joined her on the court and posed for a photo with the Charleston Open trophy.

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