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CONVOY – Government grants are coming to Convoy to help repair sewer lines within the village limits.

The Convoy will receive a $1,166,500 grant to repair worn sewer lines and laterals in the village. The project activities also include the rehabilitation and replacement of wells, if necessary. The existing sewers and side channels allow excess groundwater to enter the sewers, which has led to sanitary sewer overflows at the village’s treatment plant. The project will benefit 1,012 people.

The funding is part of the sixth round of the Ohio BUILDS (Broadband, Utilities, and Infrastructure for Local Development Success) Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Grant Program. The funding will provide $84.5 million to support 43 new critical infrastructure projects and $38.2 million in gap financing for 33 previously funded projects with costs exceeding initial estimates.

The grants, announced Friday, will help reduce or eliminate the financial burden community leaders face as they address critical infrastructure needs such as new water distribution systems, water main extensions, water tower replacements and new pipes and water mains. Grants will also fund projects to replace sanitary sewer systems, prevent sewer backups and expand sewer lines to support economic growth.

In addition to Convoy, the Village of Paulding will receive a $530,000 grant to replace worn sewer lines in the Emerald Acres Subdivision area.

The program received 703 grant applications for this round, requesting more than $1.4 billion in funding, demonstrating the continued need for water infrastructure improvements across the state.

Since 2021, the Ohio BUILDS Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Grant Program has provided a total of nearly $620 million to support hundreds of local water projects in all 88 Ohio counties.

The full list of the latest round of subsidies can be found here.

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