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The state is ending the 13-month Medicaid renewal initiative process

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – North Dakota Health and Human Services (HHS) has completed its 13-month Medicaid review.

The federally initiated review determined which North Dakotans will still be eligible for Medicaid coverage after the end of temporary COVID coverage expansions. HHS says that of the 134,000 Medicaid member plans they reviewed, about six in 10 maintain their coverage. They say the majority of those who did not moved up in income brackets or switched to a new insurer.

“After this month, we should see our Medicaid process return to normal, meaning individuals will be certified for a twelve-month period. After those 12 months, they must obtain their renewal certification and we will reassess their eligibility,” said Commissioner Wayne Salter, Executive Director of North Dakota HHS.

HHS says this is the largest initiative the state has undergone since the launch of the Medicaid Expansion program in 2014. Salter said they have improved the timeliness of applications from 55 percent to 93 percent since January, and they aim to to further improve. He said they are returning to the annual review system from before the pandemic.

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