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Alexia van Oranje registers for the University of Groningen. Will the princess follow Maurits and Bernhard Jr.?

Princess Alexia of Orange has enrolled at the University of Groningen (RUG). There is a good chance that she will live and study in Groningen next academic year.

This is evident from a search by DVHN. Every student at the university gets their own email address. There is an email address in the RUG address file that can only belong to the princess. It was not the intention that this email address would remain in the database, but this happened anyway due to an error by the RUG.

Princess Christina (an aunt of Willem-Alexander), Prince Maurits and Prince Bernhard Jr. (cousins ​​of Willem-Alexander) also thought in Groningen. The princes lived on Noorderstationsstraat.

‘Work a little, travel a little’

Alexia van Oranje-Nassau (June 26, 2005) had a gap year last year. It is not clear what exactly she did. “Work a bit and travel a bit,” she said about when she was in Emmen on King’s Day. “I also really enjoyed everything.” Before that gap year, she spent two years at a boarding school in Wales.

It is unknown what Alexia will study. Amalia, the eldest daughter of Willem-Alexander and Máxima, started studying in the autumn of 2022 Politics, psychology, law and economics in Amsterdam.

Groningen popular with the Oranjes

Members of the royal family regularly become members of a corporate student association. In Groningen this is Vindicat. Maurits and Bernhard Jr. Went to initiation at this club. Both princes went to work in café Soestdijk in the center of Groningen. Maurits visited his wife Marilène in the café.

Former owner Herman Ensing has fond memories of the princes. “A nice boy, sociable and he could sing,” he said earlier about Prince Maurits. The brothers became better. In the café there was always a table reserved for the safer ones.

Battle on society

These security guards could not completely keep Prince Maurits in check. The prince ended up in hospital no fewer than three times after a fight in the Vindicat clubhouse. He broke his nose twice and once had to be treated for a damaging head wound.

Ritzen Couriers

Also his brother Bernhard Jr. discredited. He founded the company Ritzen Koeriers during his student days. Customers could give their packages to students. They could still take the train for free thanks to the public transport card that was followed by then Minister of Education Jo Ritzen.

However, the company appears to be in disrepute. Employees received a company lease car. This would be a disguised form of salary, but no taxes were paid. Resolved with the Public Prosecution Service in 2000.

‘This doesn’t mean anything’

“We were not able to keep this under wraps for long,” says RUG spokesperson Elies Wempe-Kouwenhoven. They are confirmed that there is interest, but also surprising. “The fact that she has registered means nothing. It may be best that she has applied to multiple universities.”

The Government Information Service does not want to continue with the princess’s choice of study. “As Princess Alexia herself has indicated, an announcement will follow as to where she will follow which study.”

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