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A Guide for Home Buyers and Investors – Davidson News

Nashville’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods: A Guide for Home Buyers and Investors

Neighborhood Spotlight: Nashville’s transforming areas and the pros and cons of investing in each

According to Susanthetford’s report, experts surveyed Nashville’s neighborhoods and created a list of the most dangerous areas. These neighborhoods are ranked based on factors such as unemployment, average income, population density, low home values ​​and high crime rates. The list is not definitive and crime can occur in any neighborhood, but it is essential that homebuyers are aware of these areas. Neighborhoods like Sylvan Park have undergone significant revitalization in recent years, transforming from neglected areas to trendy hubs. While it is uncertain which neighborhoods will follow, the possibility of transformation is a consideration worth keeping in mind. For those looking for an investment property or a bargain, some of these neighborhoods may be worth exploring.

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6 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Nashville

The Bordeaux district is also called the “single mother neighborhood” because of the high percentage of households headed by single women. Unfortunately, this demographic is also plagued by high crime rates and low incomes. According to recent statistics, at least 20% of households in Bordeaux are made up of single mothers, many of whom struggle to make ends meet. The area’s crime rate is among the highest in the city, with an unemployment rate of 5.5% and a vacancy rate of 12%, making it a breeding ground for problems. Local residents are calling for more support and resources to tackle the root causes of poverty and crime in this neighborhood.

Buena Vista has been ranked as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Nashville, with drug use and violence being major concerns. According to local authorities, drug use is one of the most common crimes in the area, causing an increase in violent crime. Buena Vista’s schools are also lacking, with many residents citing a lack of opportunities and resources for young Americans. High crime rates in the neighborhood have made it a challenging place for families to live and thrive.

Capitol View has been a rough neighborhood for years, but its proximity to downtown Nashville has many residents hoping for a turnaround. With house prices already rising, locals see a glimmer of hope for the future. But for now, the neighborhood’s high crime rate and low income make it a challenging place to live. Many residents are calling for more support and resources to tackle the root causes of poverty and crime in the area.

McKissack Park has been plagued by high crime rates for years, with many residents feeling trapped and unable to escape. The average income in this neighborhood is very low and there is little to do in the area. Home prices in McKissack Park are among the lowest in Nashville, making it a difficult place for families to live and thrive.

Elizabeth Park may have a nice name, but living in this neighborhood is a different story. This area is plagued by high violent crime rates, with many gang-related crimes driving up the numbers. Although the overall crime rate is lower than some other neighborhoods on this list, residents are still six times more likely to be victims of violent crime. The income average is staggeringly low at $22,000 per year, making it a challenging place for families to live and thrive.

Osage-North Fisk was once a thriving neighborhood, but as Americans fled to the suburbs for larger homes and yards, this neighborhood was left behind. Today, this neighborhood is still plagued by poverty and crime, although not to the same extent as some of the other neighborhoods on this list. House prices are surprisingly high due to the renovations, but many residents are still struggling to make ends meet.

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