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Holly Valance reveals she convinced Nigel Farage to stand in the election and has been whispering in his ear for a long time

By Kinta Walsh-cotton for Daily Mail Australia and Elizabeth Haigh in London

10:32 June 04, 2024, updated 11:01 June 04, 2024

Holly Valance has claimed she convinced Nigel Farage to stand as MP in July’s general election, saying she had been ‘whispering in his ear for a long time’.

The Neighbors star, 41, said she spoke to the new Reform leader after he initially decided not to stand – before announcing on Monday he would stand in Clacton, Essex.

The former actress and pop star said she had been ‘whispering in Farage’s ear for a long time saying, “Come on, pull your finger out, give the people what they want”.’

She told GB News that Farage’s return to frontline politics was the “right move” and “exactly what we all wanted”.

Holly Valance attended Nigel Farage’s announcement in London on Monday when he announced he would stand for election
The Neighbors star (with husband Nick Candy), 41, said she spoke to the new reform leader after he initially decided not to participate
Holly Candy (née Valance), 41, has once again thrown her support behind Nigel Farage. Pictured (left to right) with husband Nick Candy, Donald Trump and Nigel Farage

“I think it’s really important to listen to everyone and educate yourself from all sides and see who you think your morals and values ​​are closest to,” Holly said after attending Mr. Farage on Monday.

‘For me it is reform, it has been that way for a while, so that is what I am aiming for. I am a paying member.’

Farage stunned Conservatives on Monday when he announced he was taking over the leadership of the party from former leader Richard Tice and would be standing for a ninth time.

Announcing his bid for the Clacton seat, he said the election needed to be “spiced up” as he described it as “the most boring, boring election campaign we have ever seen in our lives.”

Writing in The Telegraph, he claimed Britain has been ‘let down by two major parties’ who have ‘conspired to accelerate our decline’.

He argued that neither the Tories nor Labor have a ‘plan to pull this country out of a deep economic hole’ and that both are ‘addicted to a deadly addiction to mass immigration’.

The Reform Party leader, citing alleged interactions with “patriotic Britons” he met while campaigning last weekend, claimed voters are feeling “sick” about the government’s “policy of betrayal”.

But he has made several rather testy media appearances and clashed with the BBC’s Mishal Hussein this morning when he claimed – without evidence – that there are streets in Oldham where ‘no one speaks English’.

Holly revealed she convinced Farage to run after he initially decided not to
Holly recently made headlines after praising Trump as ‘fantastic’ and labeling her home country Australia as too ‘woke’ during an explosive interview.

Yesterday at his press conference he attacked several female journalists, accusing one of asking him a “very silly question” and several others of not answering directly.

Farage’s return to the political arena has raised concerns among Conservatives, who fear it will further reduce their vote share.

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A new YouGov poll published last night showed that Labor is expected to score an even bigger victory than the Blair government did in 1997.

Farage introduced Holly and her billionaire husband Nick Candy to Donald Trump, 77, in 2022 during a dinner at the former president’s home at Mar-A-Lago.

Candy, a Conservative Party donor, will host an exclusive Trump election fundraiser on June 7.

It takes place in London and tickets cost as much as $100,000 per couple to attend.

“It’s a Holly party, so you can be sure it’s going to be loads of fun,” Farage told The Sunday Times of the gathering late last month.

Holly made headlines in March when she praised Trump as ‘fantastic’ and branded her home country Australia as ‘too woke’.

Her younger sister Olympia – who also starred in Neighbors – has since publicly distanced herself from Holly’s political views.

Olympia, 31, appeared on HIT WA radio show Allan & Carly to make it clear she is not a supporter of Holly’s right-wing views, saying her sister “rarely” returns to Australia.

“My sister and I have very, very different political views,” the Summit star emphasized when asked about Holly’s controversial podcast interview.

She continued, “It was like, ‘Oh my God,’ when she said all those things. I’m like, “Oh God! Everyone’s going to think I think that!” And I do not.

“She has the right to say the things she wants to say… but yeah, that’s not my opinion on anything.”

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