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Chamber majority wants to end up with shrimps with cut-off eyes | RTL News

Shrimp farms in countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia are said to have banned live shrimp with their eyes cut off. “Grueful”, Party for the Animals MP Christine Teunissen called it. “And these shrimp are just in our stores.”

The majority of all shrimp in the supermarket or catering industry comes from breeding tanks in South America or Southeast Asia.

More egg production

Park ticking occurs in female shrimps. Why? Behind the eye of a shrimp is a gland that produces hormones. These affect egg laying. Without eyes, and therefore without those hormones, the shrimp are ready for this sooner.

Removing an eye ensures more egg production. And that means money.

Animal welfare organization Wakker Dier already raised the alarm about the practice in 2021. And the Value Inspection Service also concluded in a special broadcast that large shrimp in the supermarket usually come from shrimp mothers that have had an eye cut off.

Horrible stuff

The PvdD and NSC want this form of animal suffering to stop. Teunissen: “The shrimps are in pain and they become disoriented if they have to continue without eyes. They withdraw and sit against the walls of the tanks. It is really serious animal suffering.”

Harm Holman of NSC adds: “Very undesirable animal suffering.”


That is why the parties come together and submit a motive. The motion is in any case supported by the VVD, GroenLinks-PvdA, D66 and SP, according to a tour by RTL News. The motion forces the government to commit to a European import ban on shrimp with cut-off eyes. And to call on supermarkets and other places to stop selling these shrimps. Is that available? “We can simply arrange this,” says Teunissen. “As it is prohibited, it is prohibited to sell fur from dogs and cats.”

The parties believe in the importance of a European argument. “It is very important for Europe to work together. The Netherlands must take the lead in this and call on countries to ban these shrimps.”

AH has already stopped

Albert Heijn recently announced that it was the first supermarket in our country to no longer work with companies that cut off their eyes. “Since 2023, we have been the first supermarket to switch to a transparent and sustainable tropical shrimp chain,” the wholesaler said in a response.

The supermarket also only wants to offer shrimp that are electrically stunned before they are killed.

European referral

An acquaintance said the following in response to the responsible minister Adema: “The ministry considers cutting off the eyes of shrimps to be an unpleasant practice. I really cannot anticipate a possible import ban yet. An official general import ban should be imposed at European level. However, the ministry does not know at which shrimp farms this practice is applied.”

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