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TVW publishes Video Voters Guide

OLYMPIA, Wash. – TVW, Washington state’s version of C-SPAN, has released its Video Voters’ Guide.

While the Washington Secretary of State’s office always issues a printed voter guide, the Video Voters’ Guide offers voters the opportunity to see candidates describe their platform in a prepared speech format.

Some candidates, including Republican gubernatorial hopeful Dave Reichert, have posted their clips from the video guide on social media.

The impact of candidates’ televised messages, as opposed to written communications, has been studied by political scientists for as long as television has existed.

The best-known example of video broadcasts influencing the way voters think was the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy debates. Those who read or listened to the debates generally favored Nixon’s performance, while those who watched the watched television debates, thought Kennedy looked calmer.

TVW’s Video Selector Guide can be found here. The printed Voter Guide can be found on the website of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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