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Federal redistricting expands Macquarie seat

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has announced proposed changes to the federal electoral boundaries, including the expansion of the seat of Macquarie. Under the new proposal, Macquarie will now include the Emu Plains, Emu Heights and Leonay, in addition to retaining the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury areas.

Federal MP for Macquarie Susan Templeman welcomed the changes. “This is a logical extension,” Templeman said, emphasizing her strong ties to the new areas as a longtime resident of the Lower Mountains.

“I already have strong ties to the area, and the Redistribution Committee has clearly recognized the deep community ties between the foothill villages and the rest of my electorate,” Templeman said.

“I will continue to work hard for the communities in the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury and I I look forward to spending time deepening my understanding of the issues I face residents and small businesses of Emu Plains, Emu Heights and Leonay,” she said.

The AEC’s draft electoral boundary redistribution in New South Wales includes significant changes in several regional seats, including Hume, Riverina and Eden-Monaro. This redistribution follows the requirement to ensure an equal size of the electorate in all states, leading to an adjustment of the federal seats. Western Australia regains its sixteenth seat, while New South Wales and Victoria lose one seat each.

In total, more than 700,000 registered voters will see changes to their federal election distribution. Notably, the once-safe federal Liberal seat of North Sydney, currently held by Teal, Kylea Tink, will be abolished, with voters redistributed to nearby seats including Bradfield, Bennelong and Warringah.

Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers highlighted the need for these changes due to the reduction in the number of electoral divisions in New South Wales from 47 to 46. “Forty-five of the existing 47 division names would be retained,” Rogers added. The public has until July 12 to submit objections to the proposed changes.

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