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College Considerations for Jewish Students – Boulder Jewish News

By Sara Zessar and Marcia Bannon

Wednesday June 19
5:30 PM Via Zoom

Regardless of your views on the conflict in the Middle East, if you are the parent of a high school student planning to attend college, you are probably concerned about the recent incidents on American college campuses and the impact on your child . In addition to all the other factors students consider in their college search, the “campus climate for Jews” is something many students now need to consider. At the same time, parents may wonder what they can do to ensure their child’s safety.

As Jewish independent college counselors, this spring’s college protests are a concern not only for the Jewish students we work with, but for us as well.

On June 19 we are offering a free webinar for parents of Jewish students. In it, we provide information on how to guide and support your teen through the college search process. We will provide resources to learn more about Jewish life on college campuses and to assess how college staff, faculty, and administrators respond to the concerns of Jewish students. We will also discuss how students and families can find out what the campus climate is really like for Jewish students.

The webinar is intended for parents, but students are also very welcome.

You can find more information and register for the webinar here.

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