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Thieves use skirts to steal baseball bats in Huntersville, Concord – Queen City News

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A group of thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of baseball bats D-BAT Baseball and Softball Academy in Huntersville, Concord and Indian Trail, NC

A group of three women walked away from the Huntersville location carrying seventeen baseball bats in their floor-length skirts.

Cam McCord was working the front desk when the trio entered the retail section of the training center.

“These three women come in wearing dresses and I talk to the leader. She sat there, distracted me from the front and asked me to make her a bat for her son, who was not there,” he said.

The other women used the distraction to pull baseball bats from the wall and shove them up their skirts.

McCord said pockets may have been sewn into the skirts because he did not hear or see them take the merchandise.

“It honestly surprised me because I don’t know how I didn’t see all those bats in her dress and they weren’t clicking around. They had to be homemade or something,” he said.

The thieves took some of the most expensive bats the company sells, such as Rawlings Icons, Easton Ghosts and Hype Fires. They range from $350 to $500 each.

McCord said it was clear the bandits were doing their investigation.

“They didn’t take cheap bats. We have some $90 and $80 bats here. They didn’t touch it. They clearly knew what they were doing,” McCord said.

Ryan Query of D-BAT Concord said a nearly identical theft occurred at his location a few days later. The thieves took eight bats from their store, valued at $500 each.

Query said he is disappointed that criminals would target these types of cases.

“D-BAT stands for Developing Beliefs, Attitudes and Traditions,” he said. “We are a very family-oriented company, we are connected to the community and it is sad to see that being taken advantage of.”

Employees say they have heard of at least 10 other locations around the country where similar crimes are taking place.

Managers are asking anyone who may have information about the burglaries to contact Huntersville or Concord police.

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