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A Georgia truck driver’s narrow escape from a train crash, captured on video


A truck driver in Georgia is lucky to be alive after a train crashed into his truck.

Video shows the driver of the stuck truck narrowly escaping from the cab as the oncoming train honks its horn. The train shoots through the intersection, hitting the truck and sending debris flying.

Zack Hatcher, who was filming the crash, had to reverse his own car to avoid being hit by debris. Hatcher is then seen checking on the truck driver, who appears to be unharmed.

The crash occurred early Tuesday morning in Cartersville, near Interstate 75, just over 40 miles northeast of Atlanta.

“The engineer and conductor both stated that they could see the truck stopped on the tracks – they started braking as soon as they saw the truck, but they were unable to stop in time,” said police Capt. Lisa Fuller from Emerson. ABC news.

The network reported that no one was injured in the collision and that it was the eighth documented incident but the first collision at the intersection. Documented incidents include other trucks turning due to the turning circle on the tracks, the outlet reported.

Safety of train crossings

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 1,600 collisions occurred between vehicles and freight and commuter trains in 2021. The administration has the following safety tips for drivers at level crossings:

  • Stop, look both ways and listen. Know that trains always have priority.
  • Don’t stop on the tracks. Make sure you have room to cross. Once you enter the intersection, keep moving.
  • Stop 5 meters away from flashing red lights, lowered gates, a flagman or a stop sign.
  • Never drive around a lowerable gate or ignore signals.
  • After a train has passed, wait until the gates are fully open and all lights stop flashing before crossing.
  • Never assume that there is only one train coming from one direction.
  • If your car is stopped on the tracks, make sure everyone gets out quickly, even if you don’t see a train coming. Run away from the tracks and your car to avoid being hit by flying debris. Call the number on the blue emergency notification system sign. If the sign is not visible to you, call 911.

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