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Crews accidentally hit a 1929 pipe, causing a second water main break in N. Charleston

One resident compared the scene after a water main break in North Charleston on Tuesday to an ocean.

“It was like someone had washed their car and the water was just standing in the street,” Ollie White said. “But now we have an ocean.”

There were floods in the streets and residents were without water.

On Thursday, 37 residents of Fillmore Street and Appleton Street suffered another water main break.

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“Today’s pause was actually caused by our crews digging,” said Mike Saia, public information manager for the Charleston Water System. “We looked at the infrastructure underground. (In) On the maps we saw, nothing was supposed to be there. Unfortunately, while digging we came across a pipe that had been installed in 1929. We had no accurate data to tell us it was there. And so unfortunately we have been affected.”

But Thursday’s water main break was less serious than Tuesday’s.

“When this main – the first main – broke here, about 250 customers had no water,” Saia said. “Within an hour – because of the way our crews operated the valves – we were able to reduce that number to about 55 customers. During the repair we had here on Baker Street earlier this week, we proactively added another valve right next to the break. And what has allowed us this time is to control the outage to 37 customers instead of 55.”

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With four water main breaks in June, the question of connection or coincidence remains pending.

“Our main break on Meeting Street last week and this main break are separate,” Saia said. ‘They are about ten to fifteen kilometers apart. The pipes are dramatically different. They serve different areas. They are under different pressures. They are not related. It’s just a coincidence.”

CWS says if another water main break were to occur now, there should be no customers left without water because of the valve they installed.

CWS estimates that 30 to 40 million liters of water were released during the first water main break on Tuesday. They estimate that 5,000 liters of water were released during the water main break on Thursday.

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