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Serena Williams gets real about losing baby weight and the difference between raising daughters Olympia and Adira

Published: 4:12 PM PDT, Jun 13, 2024

Serena Williams is still working hard to get back to her pre-baby body, almost a year after her welcomed her second child.

Sit down with ET’s Rachel Smith to discuss her new docuseries, In the Arena: Serena Williamsthe 42-year-old tennis pro talked about her health goals, her daughters and what it was like looking back on her career as a now-retired player.

As for the first part, the 23-time Grand Slam winner has been open in recent months about her desire to fit into a beloved Valentino skirt from before her pregnancies again, thus maintaining her social media following kept informed of her progress after announce her intention to wear the beloved denim garment again.

“The trip is coming up! I actually have another one that I’m going to post,” she shared with ET about her goal to fit into the skirt again. “The nice thing is that when that trip is over, I just got a new pair of pants that I don’t quite fit into.”

The mother of two added: “But I’m still getting there. I still have some baby weight to lose.”

There’s certainly no rush among her fans, especially since the tennis GOAT just gave birth to her second daughter, Adira, in August. Williams also shares a six-year-old Olympia with her husband of six years, Alexis Ohanian.

While Adira may not yet be at the age where she can give her mother her unfiltered opinion, that’s an issue that Olympia has no problem with. Earlier this year, he became the eldest of Williams’ two daughters her mother asked hilariously as she put on makeup and wondered why she was tricking herself into “not going anywhere.”

Williams tells ET that things have been a little more manageable — and less stressful — this second time around than when Olympia was a baby.

“I think (the) second time is – I’m a little bit, but more of, you know, if Adira falls, I don’t die like at Olympia,” she explained. “Now I think, ‘Oh, she’s tough, she’ll be fine.’ And she’s tough.”

While Williams has focused on getting herself back to her pre-baby body shape, she also makes sure her kids don’t see it as anything other than a health goal. Earlier this year she chatted with ET and addressed the importance of teaching body positivity principles to her young girls.

“For me, it’s super important that they love who they are and whatever they look like,” she said at the time. “I also foster that positivity by encouraging them to compliment others, especially compliments from other girls. So when I see a girl in their class, I think, ‘Oh, she looks pretty, right?’ She says, ‘Yes, I love her hair.’ I’m like, ‘I love her hair too.'”

She continued, “So I just encourage that because it doesn’t matter what they look like. If you can find something positive about them, you will find something positive about yourself and you will win. “

Serena Williams with daughter Olympia and husband Alexis OhanianGetty

Another message she would like to teach her daughters is the same message she says she would tell her younger self. As the ESPN+ docuseries compiled archival footage of her prolific tennis career, Williams said it gave her the opportunity to look back and re-examine her life and her years in the sport.

“Relax a little bit,” she said of what she told herself at age 14. ‘I was so intense on the pitch and wanted to be perfect at every moment, but that’s clearly not possible. So take a deep breath and just relax, you know, I think that would have helped me a little bit.

The docuseries, helmed by Thank You, Good Night: The Bon Jovi Story director Gotham Chopra, recently premiered at the Tribeca Festival to rave reviews. In the show, Williams deconstructs key moments from her career and the impact each win and loss had on her life.

Watch a teaser for it In the Arena: Serena Williams in the player below:

The docuseries premieres July 10 on ESPN+.


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