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Red Bull reveals its ‘key challenge’ as it prepares for 2026 F1 regulations: FirstSportz

Red Bull has struggled to continue its dominance in recent race weekends. The RB20 has suffered from serious grip and balance issues, among other errors in the simulator data. The team will have to continue to upgrade the chassis to achieve better results. In addition, Milton Keynes will focus on the upcoming rule changes in the 2026 season.

Adrian Newey‘s departure from Red Bull could be a major blow to Milton Keynes’ performance in the new set of regulations. Anyway, technical director Pierre Wache also hopes to create a championship-winning chassis in 2026. Wache thought he was looking forward to the new regulations because the more he thought about them, the better he could anticipate the problems. Furthermore, the team will only be able to work on the aero side of the chassis.

We are looking forward, because the more you think about it, the more you can anticipate some issues. We will be able to work on the aero side only in the beginning of next year, then we are preparing ourselves.

said Pierre Wache, as reported by

However, building the new power units for 2026, especially with the new cooperation partner Ford, would be a major challenge. Wache noted that the development of the power unit looked “promising” for Red Bull. According to the 49-year-old, the main challenge was balancing resources between current and future projects planned for Red Bull in other aspects.

The engine is a big challenge also for us, and it’s looking promising. The main challenge is how to balance the resource between all these (current and future) projects.

Pierre Wache added.

Pierre Wache claims engineering team is working on ‘car performance’

Red Bull has several cars to work on at the same time. Milton Keynes will have to bring the pre-season upgrades to the RB20 challenger. In addition, the team also has to work on next year’s chassis and on the chassis under the new regulations. Therefore, Wache thought it was a ‘big change’ for the team, but the technical team was extremely focused on the car’s performance.

I think the technical team is massively focused on the car and on the performance, For the current year and next year’s development, we have three cars to work on, (also with) 2026 that is a big change.

noted Pierre Wache.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

Apart from this, Wache even talked about Adrian Newey’s departure. Several people believed that the departure of aerogeny would cause the manufacturer to fail miserably under the new regulations. However, the Frenchman has great confidence in the team’s chassis building capabilities. The 49-year-old said the team was focused on their own work despite Newey’s shock departure.

As a person, people like (Newey), and he’s leaving… but we are focused on our side, to be fair.

Pierre Wache concluded.

The Red Bull crew has a lot of work on their plate when it comes to chassis development. Milton Keynes will be hoping to make up lost ground against its rivals in the coming races. Ferrari and McLaren can close the window to prominence with consistent efforts against the Austrian constructor’s humiliating form.

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