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2024 Miami Muscle Beach Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

Three Olympia spots were at stake during this event in South Beach.

The 2024 Miami Muscle Beach Pro took place on Saturday, June 1, 2024 in Miami, Florida. The IFBB Pro League Men’s Physique, Bikini and Wellness divisions held professional shows at this event, and qualifications for the 2024 Olympia Weekend would be awarded to the winners of those shows.

The champions at this event were Vitor Chaves (men’s physique), Maria Acosta (bikini) and Rayane Fogal (wellness). Below you will find the final placements for all three competitions.

Final Standings Miami Muscle Beach Pro 2024

Below are the results for each contested division in Miami:

Men’s physique

  1. Vitor Chaves (Brazil)
  2. Deke Walker (United States)
  3. Brandon Cantallops (United States)
  4. Ricardo Cenat (West Roxbury)
  5. Alessio Sbizzera (Italy)
  6. Drew Cullen (United States)
  7. Steven Cao (United States)
  8. Tyler Smith (United Kingdom)
  9. Fabian Feber (Germany)
  10. Jordan Clark (United States)
  11. Furkan Er (Turkey)
  12. Anthony Greer (United States)
  13. Dustin Nahale (United States)
  14. Dennis Klooster (United States)
  15. Chris Mantovani (Canada)

Partially in 16th place

  • Laquintin Alston (Australia)
  • Creighton Clingan (United States)
  • Brad Estadt (United States)
  • Xavier Jaime Canales (Puerto Rico)
  • Paul Lupinacci (United States)
  • Nathaniel Soria (United States)
  • Torre Washington (United States)


  1. Maria Acosta (United States)
  2. India Paulino (United States)
  3. Cassandra De La Rosa (Mexico)
  4. Brittany Hamilton (United States)
  5. Julia Baba (Romania)
  6. Jordaan Visser (United States)
  7. Kate Caroll (New Zealand)
  8. Ji Bin Park (South Korea)
  9. Morgan Williams (United States)
  10. Marina Maliden (United States)
  11. Hope Castelli (United States)
  12. Niccolé Guggia (United States)
  13. Cejay Banuelos (United States)
  14. Cherrylyn Ibanez (United States)
  15. Judith Ceballos Hernández (Mexico)

Partially in 16th place

  • Gigi Amurao (United States)
  • Kristiana Brush (United States)
  • Noemi Cosentino (Italy)
  • Inna Gavryliuk (United States)
  • Samantha Houle (United States)
  • Jessica Koston (United States)
  • Guadalupe Machado (Argentina)
  • Vanessa Ocana (Argentina)
  • Karen Orlena (Canada)
  • Deanna Patterson (United States)
  • Myesha Rodgers (United States)
  • Angela Ruscili (United States)
  • Nedjie Thompson (United States)
  • Fallon Wainwright (United States)


  1. Rayane Fogal (Brazil)
  2. Alexis Nicole (United States)
  3. Celeste Chandler (Canada)
  4. Jinhua Liu (China)
  5. Jacqueline Huescas Rios (Mexico)
  6. Cassandra Pennington (United States)
  7. Taylor Gartenmayer (United States)
  8. Victoria Puentes (United States)
  9. Yami Partridge (United States)
  10. Luz Abinoman (United States)
  11. Daniela Esquivel (Costa Rica)
  12. Lydia Kebli (France)
  13. Joanna Jean (Canada)
  14. Leah Flack (United States)
  15. Brittany Molenaar (United States)

Partially in 16th place

  • Kimberly Riley (United States)
  • Ruth Rodriguez (United States)
  • Jezmin Sagbini (United States)
  • Cat Williams (United States)

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Men’s Physique Winner: Vitor Chaves

This was Chaves’ third professional show in less than a month; it was the charm. He previously finished second in the 2024 Pittsburgh Pro and the 2024 New York Pro. It’s also his third win in as many seasons, and Chaves may now return to Olympia looking to improve on his 2023 ninth-place finish. Second place went to Deke Walker and Brandon Cantallops rounded out the top three.

2023 Miami Muscle Beach Pro winner Andre Ferguson was in Miami to compete but withdrew due to hydration issues. He confirmed his absence on Instagram and reports that he is now in good health.

Bikini division winner — Maria Acosta

This is Acosta’s second professional victory of the season. Her first was the 2024 Klash Series Southern USA Championships Pro, which qualified her for the 2024 Olympia. As a result, no qualification was awarded for this event.

Second-place finisher India Paulino and the rest of the roster must compete and win a professional show before September 15, 2024 to advance to the 2024 Olympia in Las Vegas.

Wellness winner — Rayane Fogal

This is also Rayane Fogal’s second win of 2024. She previously came first at the 2024 Arnold South America competition. This means that no Olympia qualification has been awarded for this show either. Alexis Nicole and Celeste Chandler took second and third place, respectively.

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Featured image: @vitorchavespro on Instagram

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