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Columbia, Blundstone, and Salomon’s Strategies for Driving In-Store Sales: Insights for Brand Leaders

Over the past two decades we have seen a shift in retail dynamics, with increased investment in online and DTC channels before the pandemic. Online shopping boomed during the pandemic, but as restrictions eased there was a return to physical stores. Despite this, Consumers still crave the in-store experience of their favorite brands, looking for immediate availability, easy visibility and knowledgeable store staff.

With consumers researching online but preferring the in-store experience, brands have the opportunity to do so Take advantage of this digital shift and consumer habits to support wholesale investment. This shift is intended to engage customers who make on-the-spot purchasing decisions, emphasizing the need for a robust in-store presence. Similarly, brands like Columbia, Salomon and Blundstone are using retail sales enablement platforms such as FINAL VRto boost in-store sales with the right digital tools.

While the retail industry expects that grow by 7% in 2024 Learn how to equip your brand with strategies to drive sales in physical stores, driven by technology and consumer trends The ENDVR data report.

Report: 60% of Consumers Choose a Brand in Store: Data and Insights from Matt Powell

ENDVR spoke to 500 sales associates in North America and key trends emerged, along with insights from them ENDVR’s fireside chat with retail and sporting goods analyst Matt Powell, who shows brands how to increase their in-store presence.

Key insights include:

  1. Customer decision making: 60% of customers choose a brand when they enter a store – see how a strong in-store presence can capture these sales.
  2. Brand knowledge: Equipping sales associates with your brand knowledge to answer customers’ top questions about price, quality and more.
  3. Targeted incentives: Discover how targeted incentives and rewards can increase your brand’s in-store sales, especially by leveraging platforms such as ENDVR.

For example, Columbia, Blundstone, Salomon and other brands use FINAL VR to enhance its retail strategy, focusing on driving sales and increasing sell-through in physical stores. This adjustment in evolving consumer preferences highlights the need for brands to maintain a dynamic in-store presence to capture purchasing decisions on the spot.

How brands can address customer concerns

The ENDVR data report indicates that while price is a primary concern for customers (38%), quality and sustainability follow closely behind at 24%. See how technical specifications and comfort are reviewed and discover more about what customers look for value on the shop floor.

With an estimated 45,000 store closures in the US by 2028, the industry faces major challenges. However, this also provides a opportunities for brands to refine their strategies. Digital tools and learning resources for sales associates are critical to maintaining a well-informed and agile workforce.

Next steps for brands looking to boost retail sales

To effectively deal with changes in retail, brands must prioritize a robust in-store presence, equip their workforce with the necessary tools and knowledge, and embrace innovative technologies that improve both employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Get access to ENDVR’s exclusive data report, featuring insights from retail and sporting goods analyst Matt Powell, along with co-founder and CEO of ENDVR with stats from their fireside chat. This report provides a comprehensive insight into the current retail environment and emerging trends.

Download the Insights Report now

For more insights on how leading brands use platforms like FINAL VR to improve sales and resale in physical stores, visit or consult with our experts to see how your brand can benefit.

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