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Charleston Steakhouse Marbled & Fin opens June 12

When Neighborhood dining group (NDG) founder David Howard explored the former dry cleaning space at 480 East Bay Street and imagined its potential. “When I walked in, I saw the dimensions, the windows and the height. And I thought, ‘Where is something like that in Charleston?’

The grandeur of the room inspired Howard to create a more luxurious restaurant: a modern steakhouse. Marbled & Fin opens on Wednesday, June 12, and will be the fifth Charleston restaurant in the NDG portfolio (the others are Husk, Delany Oyster House, Minero and the James).

“It’s 2024 and we wanted to create our version of a steakhouse. It doesn’t have to be dark tufted chairs and white tables. I wanted something energetic and vibrant, and I use the word bold,” says Howard. “I wanted to make it fun, but still super professional and welcoming. It doesn’t have to be unnecessarily formal.”

Howard worked with Charleston-based company MB Within to turn the empty space into his ideal modern steakhouse. Now the room features a beautiful dining room with contemporary art on the walls, an exposed wine cellar, pink accents of smooth salmon cabins, plants sprouting from every corner, and a luxurious bar accented by glowing lights above.

On the menu, Chef Eucepe “Cepe” Puuntriano included all the steakhouse classics, plus an emphasis on seafood dishes for non-meat eaters. “I want people to leave here and say, ‘That’s a steakhouse. It’s great, but it’s a whole different level of steakhouse. How did they prepare that dish?’ We want to push the boundaries,” says Pointriano. It’s an upscale menu with seafood towers, Wagyu beef and lots of caviar.

“Our first inclination is to have some fun,” says general manager Geno Dew. “The service will be energetic without being overbearing – and an atmosphere. When you walk through the door, from the host’s greeting to the lighting and music, your first thought will be, “I’m so glad I got a reservation.” Because it will be that atmosphere. It’s a special night out. it becomes a place to see and be.”

Marbled & Fin has floor-to-ceiling windows.
Andreas Cebulka

The wine room anchors the dining room.
Andreas Cebulka

There is plenty of bourbon to choose from at Marbled & Fin.
Andreas Cebulka

Intimate seating for a special night out.
Andreas Cebulka

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