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Street Russian Embassy The Hague is not paid to Navalny

The Russian embassy in The Hague

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The municipality of The Hague will not change the name of the street on which the Russian embassy is located to Alexei Navalnyweg. The municipality reported this in a letter to the founder of a petition for such a name change. These were signed by tens of thousands of people.

The municipality writes that the many signatures show how much the subject is alive in society. Changing the name would not be possible, Omroep West reports.

Died more than 10 years

According to the city council, there are several reasons to keep the name Andries Bickerweg. For example, a street name in The Hague only becomes changeable if there is “extreme liquid”.

In addition, the municipality’s policy is that someone must have been deceased for ten years or more before a street in The Hague is designated for someone on a sustainable basis. In this way the entire life cycle of a person can be assessed.

A name change would further impact the other property owners in the street. “This ‘administrative move’ has a lot of impact, including financial and possible other problems,” the council writes in the letter.

Penal colony

The Russian opposition leader and Putin critic died last February at the age of 47. He died in a penal colony after being sentenced to an unnecessary term in a show trial. Navalny is said to have died of natural causes, but that is not believed by many of his supporters.

During the week, the municipality of The Hague has already received several requests for a name change for Andries Bickerweg. An online petition was signed more than 86,000 times. Last April, the signatures were presented to the mayor of The Hague.

“For me, he is a hero of our times. That he had the courage to do similar things,” petition initiator Lissa Hollman previously told Omroep West.

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