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Man who has been in prison three times becomes the youngest judge at the age of 27

  • A 27-year-old African American from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has made history by becoming the youngest magisterial district judge in the state
  • His life was transformed by his experience on high school track and field teams, which led to a state championship victory
  • After working with at-risk youth and as a family services specialist, Johnson’s grassroots campaign for the position of district judge in Dauphin County proved successful.

In a historic achievement, 27-year-old Hanif Johnson has become the youngest person ever elected as a magisterial district judge in Pennsylvania.

After overcoming a challenging childhood marked by minor crimes and incarceration, Johnson’s election is not only a personal triumph, but a beacon of hope for many in the African-American community.

Hanif Johnson becomes a judge at the age of 27
Young man becomes a judge. Photo credit: ScholarshipRegion
Source: TikTok

Growing up in Harrisburg, Johnson’s life took a positive turn when he joined his high school track team. His athletic prowess led him to become a state triple jump champion in 2007, setting him on a path of success and discipline, according to Daily Mail.

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After high school, his journey continued at the SciTech Campus, followed by Pennsylvania State University, where he captained the Track and Field Team and was honored as an All-American in Division I Track and Field.

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Johnson graduated in 2012 with a degree in economics and dedicated himself to serving others, first as a youth counselor at the Schaffner Youth Center and then as director of youth activities and family outreach worker at Capital REBIRTH Inc.

His work with at-risk youth was intended to uplift and empower them, and lead them to a better future.

At the age of 26, Johnson set his sights on the position of district judge in Dauphin County. Despite the skepticism of locals who doubted his abilities due to his age, Johnson’s determination never wavered.

His campaign strategy included grassroots efforts, knocking on doors and working with the community he wanted to serve, as shared by @street_credits_media1.

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Watch the video HERE:

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