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This week in Nebraska history

1874: H. Hallo, owner of the Lincoln Opera House, published an itemized statement of the income and expenditure of a charity ball held there. The amount remaining to be distributed among Lincoln’s poor was $1.45.

1884: Lincoln suffered an epidemic of crime – especially burglaries – and drought.

1894: The Lincoln School Board announced an across-the-board reduction in teacher salaries. Those who had been receiving $55 per month were reduced to $45 per month.

1904: The Tekamah Opera House was destroyed by a storm.

1914: The heaviest rain reported in recent years fell in the Salt Creek Basin, flooding Lincoln streets and filling a basement at 12th and O streets. Tourists blocked the O Street overpass to watch the floodwaters.

People also read…

1924: The new library at Nebraska Wesleyan University was dedicated in honor of Rachel Ann Lucas, who donated the first $125,000 toward the building’s construction.

1934: E. Guy Cutshall was reelected chancellor of Nebraska Wesleyan University.

1944: The high tide receded south of Lincoln after threatening to flood the Salt Creek Basin. It was believed that the danger of a flash flood had passed.

1954: Four died in a tornado in Northeast Nebraska that caused an estimated $500,000 in damage.

1964: Nebraska Republicans selected a full slate of 10 national congressional delegates committed to Senator Barry Goldwater’s presidential candidacy.

1974: Construction workers were completing the 15th and final floor of the new Lincoln Hilton hotel.

1984: Ten people were injured in a six-car crash on US 81 near Bruning. Officials said poor visibility due to dust blowing across the road was a factor in the crash.

1994: Chandelle Renee Peacock, 22-year-old graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was named Miss Nebraska USA. She was chosen from 15 finalists at the annual event in Omaha.

Ten teachers from the Lincoln area were selected for a teacher exchange program with Japan.

2004: Soil has been used for Nebraska’s first wind and solar powered school at the Prairie Hill Learning Center. The new structure will be a “green building” and is expected to be completed by the end of August.

This Memorial Day in Hallam, flags are flying to say, “We remember and we are the survivors” of the recent tornado that devastated Hallam.

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