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UFL gives NFL major momentum to return to St. Louis

It’s been about a decade since the NFL last had a team in St. Louis. In what was previously home to the Rams and Cardinals, St. Louis is now all about the Battlehawks. Although St. Louis has three professional teams, one each in the MLB, MLS and the NHL, one has to wonder if the NFL has made a big mistake by leaving this Midwestern metropolis behind for good, or just for the second time. .

The Rams moved back to Los Angeles after owner Stan Kroenke decided to build Kroenkeland in Inglewood, California. He moved the Rams and somehow convinced the Chargers to dump their fan base as well. While the Rams have been borderline pathetic the last decade in town, we’ve seen the great people of St. Louis support the Cardinals and Blues for years. Now they enjoy the Battlehawks.

And it’s much more than St. Louis being one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country without an NFL team. Major cities like Birmingham, Memphis, Portland and Salt Lake City all have no NFL teams. What this really comes down to is how well St. Louis supports this UFL franchise. Even as the USFL and XFL merge into this, the Battlehawks continue to vastly outperform their UFL counterparts.

Look at their attendance numbers in Week 10 when the Battlehawks hosted San Antonio in the Dome.

Listen to how loud it got in the Dome of America’s Center. If only St. Louis had a better location…

And that’s exactly why the NFL isn’t thinking about returning to St. Louis just yet.

The combination of a terrible on-field product, an opportunistic billionaire, and an outdated stadium all contributed to the Rams leaving St. Louis for Los Angeles. After all, the Rams spent most of their existence in Los Angeles before Kroenke’s predecessor Georgia Frontiere moved the team to St. Louis in 1995. Four years later they were Super Bowl champions as the Greatest Show on Turf!

Unfortunately, the NFL will never return to St. Louis until the league can get assurances that a new, state-of-the-art stadium will be built in the metropolis. I have to be honest. Less than a week ago I flew over St. Louis. Because as great as Busch Stadium and the Arch look from above, I can’t say the same about the home of the Battlehawks and where the Rams used to play. Kroenke just left before things got bad.

I think the overwhelming success of the Battlehawks means we really need a second tier of American professional soccer at home. Cities like St. Louis, San Antonio and Orlando certainly have the people and resources to be mainstays of this so-called sub-league. For now, let’s enjoy the successes that the XFL and now the UFL have brought to St. Louis on the playing field.

In time, a golden opportunity may present itself for St. Louis, but timing and preparation are key in all of this.

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